7 Comfortable Boxer Brands For The Men Who Don’t Like Briefs

Being in quarantine during the pandemic allowed us to tap into a different side of ourselves—we just wanted to be as comfortable as we could, as often as we could. Even if that meant sitting in our favorite pair of underwear or boxers and a robe. For men, finding the right boxer brands or style of underwear can be trial and error, and of course it depends on the guy.

When looking for underwear, you have to consider several factors, with comfort being top of the list. Finding the right pair that doesn’t bunch in the front or ride up on the side is also key. If you’re in the market to buy a few new pairs, then boxers are the way to go. They may remind you of your childhood—as most of us started out with boxers before moving on to boxer briefs.

Briefs and boxer briefs are for guys that prefer a more snug fit, while keeping everything together and intact. Boxers are a great option for the men who need extra room and air to breathe. When the weather heats up in the summer months or even when you’re layered up in the winter, briefs can make you feel warmer than you already are.

A few of our go-to boxer brands are Savage X, because you know Rihanna always has your back. Or heritage brands like Gap, Fruit of the Loom and Ralph Lauren. The EBONY fashion has team rounded up seven of our favorite brands below for you to consider right now. Check them out below.


Savage X
Logo X Boxers

Price: $30

Shop at Savage X


Cotton Boxers

Price: $40

Shop at Gap


Fruit of the Loom
Men’s Boxer Shorts

Price: $26

Shop at Amazon


5-pack Woven Cotton Boxer Shorts

Price: $37

Shop at H&M


Tommy Hilfiger
Woven Boxers

Price: $18

Shop at TJ Maxx


Ralph Lauren
Classic Woven Cotton Boxer 5-Pack

Price: $65

Shop at Ralph Lauren


Printed Woven Boxers

Price: $20

Shop at Nautica

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Updated: August 16, 2023 — 9:02 am