8 Compression Shorts To Wear While Working Out

Compression shorts are the unsung hero of gym clothing for men. They provide a snug fit that can help support and stabilize muscles during physical activity. Working out in boxers or boxer briefs can not only be annoying, but also a pain if they ride up the wrong way. Running on a treadmill without undergarments that provide a more snug fit, is an annoyance no one should have to endure. With compression clothing, you can still move freely in the gym and everything will stay in place—if you know what we mean. 

Compression shorts can reduce muscle oscillation and fatigue and act as a performance enhancement. Many of the styles out now are designed with moisture-wicking materials that help draw sweat away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable during physical activity. Additionally, some compression short brands are made with fabrics that offer temperature regulation, helping to keep you cool in hot conditions and warm in colder environments.

The EBONY fashion team has found eight compression bottoms that’ll make your workout even better. 


Pro Dri-FIT Long Shorts

Price: $18

Shop at Nike


Alo Yoga
9” Warrior Compression Short

Price: $41

Shop at Alo Yoga


Vital Drive Training Half Tight 10″

Price: $79

Shop at Lululemon


The Padded Cycling Shorts

Price: $84

Shop at Adidas


The Baselayer Short

Price: $40

Shop at Fabletics


Element Baselayer Shorts

Price: $19

Shop at Gymshark


Under Armour
Men’s HeatGear Long Shorts

Price: $30

Shop at Amazon


Compression Shorts for Men With Pocket

Price: $9

Shop at Amazon

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Updated: August 22, 2023 — 9:01 am