Young Thug Trial: YSL Affiliate Questioned About Wearing A Wire After Plea Deal

The latest development in the Young Thug trial, also involving the rest of YSL on RICO charges, concerns one of the collective’s alleged co-founders, Walter “DK” Murphy. Moreover, he sat on the witness stand recently as a part of his plea deal, similar to the one that Gunna also accepted as a former defendant. During this testimony, an attorney asked him about his alleged compliance with wearing a wire back in July of 2015, and that he agreed to be an informant. Murphy retorted that he “can’t recall” ever agreeing to this or wearing a wire at all, staunchly denying that he was, or ever agreed to be, an informant.

Furthermore, this specific issue deals with what Young Thug’s lawyer Brian Steel once called one of the most damaging things in this trial: plea deals. While it’s impossible to blame someone for how they handled these strenuous circumstances many of us have no experience with, it’s also difficult to reckon with this testimony when it’s a part of an agreement like this. Still, since the trial’s inception almost two years ago, there are more relevant issues today that are plaguing its efficacy, objectivity, and clarity. For example, a state witness became very uncooperative with the prosecution’s questions, derailing their intention to strengthen their case.

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Alleged YSL Co-Founder Addresses Wire Claims In Young Thug Trial: Watch

In addition, some very concerning reports and testimonies emerged about members of the prosecution harassing a female witness. These incidents ranged across two specific instances from the District Attorney’s office: platitudes to pressure the woman into testifying and an investigator inappropriately flirting with her. Even though this is a pretty disturbing look, it’s not like the defense has fully been able to reverse the narrative, whether due to circumstance or by choice. Many of the problems in proving the veracity of this case come from the prosecution, but little in the way of countering evidence has swayed the court’s path.

Meanwhile, these reports also come amid updated witness lists, on which Lil Wayne no longer appears. In addition, the court also clarified whether Gunna will be a witness in this case or not, both for eligibility as a witness and for actually making it to trial. Maybe these witnesses will also prove either crucial or backfiring for the prosecution or defense. Either way, stay up to date on HNHH for the latest news and more updates on Young Thug and the YSL RICO case.

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Updated: April 14, 2024 — 3:01 am