Wack 100 Claims Drake Is Still Safe In California Despite Kendrick Battle

Drake has been living in a “Not Like Us” world. The rapper has been drowned up by Kendrick Lamar’s number one diss record. Especially in California. Lamar’s “Pop Out” show solidified him as the king of the West Coast, and even alluded to Drake’s “California love” running out on the aforementioned song. “You think the Bay gon’ let you disrespect ‘Pac, n**ga” he spit. “I think that Oakland show might be your last stop, n**ga.” According to Wack 100, however, the truth is less severe.

The music executive recently went on DJ Akademiks’ live stream to discuss Drake’s California status. He told Ak that there’s a man named Wacko in Compton called for a ceasefire during the rap beef. “[He’s] a very influential dude,” Wack 100 claimed. “Impeccable track record. He’s the one that called the dog, to where [there was] no more diss records.” The executive also made note of the fact that Wacko was in the now iconic photo that Lamar took onstage during the “Pop Out” show. Wack 100 went on to explain that Wacko’s reputation allowed him to exert control over Lamar’s camp, and ensure that things go too far in the Drake conflict.

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Wack 100 Says L.A. Veterans Ensured Drake’s Safety

Wack 100 then clarified what was on Ak’s and everybody’s mind. Yes, apparently Drake is fine to move around on the West Coast. “If they respect Wacko enough to communicate with him, and Kendrick and them respect Wacko,” the executive noted. “Of course Drake can come to California and L.A. and still move around. Ain’t nobody looking to do anything to Drake.” It’s worth noting that Wack 100 has been pro-Drake, and anti-Kendrick Lamar, in the past. The executive claimed that Drake was beating Lamar after the Compton emcee dropped “Euphoria.” Wack 100 felt that Lamar’s diss lacked energy, and was repetitive given what Pusha T had said about Drake in years prior.

That being said, Wack 100 changed his tune. Lamar’s subsequent releases, coupled with the “Pop Out,” made him a believer. Wack also pointed to Lamar’s co-signs as a big reason as to why Drake’s own diss, “Family Matters,” has aged poorly. “A huge L for Drake,” he admitted. The worst part about that was YG. [Drake] name-drops him. Drake can never perform that song and mention YG’s name.” Drizzy may be spiraling, but apparently he’s safe.

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Updated: July 2, 2024 — 3:04 am