TruBlu Legacy is the Accessories Brand Every HBCU Student Should be Wearing

Students at HBCUs are known for their impeccable style and always being fashion-forward. Whether they’re rocking a $2000 designer fit or a more affordable $200 look, they always manage to look their best on campus. TruBlu Legacy is the Black-owned brand here to equip these students with extra drip for the closets.

TruBlu Legacy is a pioneering brand in the realm of HBCU paraphernalia, known for its exquisite range of upscale accessories such as handbags, scarves, and ties. Led by Spelman College alumnae Kai Waller, Rhonda Waller, Joslyn Jackson, and Lauren Jackson, TruBlu Legacy embodies a deep sense of legacy and collegiate pride. The brand’s name, ‘TruBlu,’ reflects a commitment to the core ideals of HBCUs, symbolized by the term ‘True Blue.’ Through intricate designs and thoughtful details, TruBlu Legacy pays homage to the rich traditions and cultural heritage of Spelman College and other esteemed HBCUs, offering products that evoke distinction, pride, and a profound connection to HBCU heritage.


Trublu Legacy
The Crimson Packard

Price: $125

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TruBlu Legacy stands out as a beacon of esoteric elegance in the realm of HBCU paraphernalia, offering a sophisticated range of upscale accessories like handbags, scarves, and ties. Founded by Spelman College alumnae Kai Waller, Rhonda Waller, Joslyn Jackson, and Lauren Jackson, the brand epitomizes a celebration of legacy and collegiate experiences with a unique blend of pride and purpose. Inspired by the rich fashion and style history of Spelman College and other esteemed HBCUs like Morehouse College, Howard University, and Tuskegee University, TruBlu Legacy pays homage to these traditions through intricate details and thoughtful designs.


TruBlu Legacy
The Bison Bag

Price: $189

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Established in 2022, TruBlu Legacy represents a collaboration of Spelman alumnae and their “legacies,” embodying a deep connection to HBCU heritage. With plans to expand their product offerings to include additional HBCUs like Clark Atlanta University, Florida A&M University, North Carolina A&T State University and Tennessee State University, TruBlu Legacy aims to foster a sense of distinction and pride among HBCU alumni, current students, aspiring students, and friends.


TruBlue Legacy
Morehouse Ascot

Price: $35

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Driven by a mission to celebrate HBCU heritage authentically, TruBlu Legacy crafts high-quality accessories that reflect the spirit of true sisterhood and dedication. The founders’ vision extends beyond typical college paraphernalia, aiming to create products suitable for professional and fashionable settings worldwide. As TruBlu Legacy continues to elevate HBCU paraphernalia, their products serve as a symbol of collective pride and cultural resonance, empowering customers to showcase their HBCU pride wherever they go.

Updated: May 7, 2024 — 12:02 pm