‘The Bachelorette’ Stars Christy Lawson and Dotun Olubeko on Their Beautiful Black Love Story and Upcoming Wedding Plans

Newly engaged Bachelorette couple Christy Lawson and Dotun Olubeko already have their upcoming wedding affair on their minds.  

“It’s in the books,” Lawson declared to EBONY while gleefully holding her fiancé’s hand. “We don’t have a set date yet. But everyone stay tuned, it is happening.” 

The couple revealed that they’d like to have two ceremonies, something “bigger, and then a more sacred and intimate wedding.” 

Lawson acknowledges that putting together a wedding won’t be easy. “When I start to think about planning, and how many details come into play, it’s overwhelming. The only thing I really have on my radar now is what type of dress I want.” 

Luckily, her soon-to-be husband is offering input. “I love when he says, ‘Oh wait, I might want this. I’m like you’re right to the day. We’re just having fun with it.”

Lawson and Olubeko share more about their awesome love story with EBONY.

EBONY: How do you feel to finally be able to be out and show the world your love?

Charity Lawson: Oh my goodness, we are on cloud nine. I if I can describe my feelings in this very moment, I’m still floating and levitating, it feels overwhelming, but with so much love. This is a moment that we’ve anticipated from the moment that we left Fiji, to be able to show everyone and live our love. We’ve been doing it in hiding. But now we’re just we’re finally free. So we’re just so excited.

What was the first thing you did after the live Bachelorette finale?

Dotun Olubeko: We immediately took an Uber together for the first time to see our parents, they were all staying at the same hotel. That was the first time they’ve done something together. And then after that, we went out with some friends too, just a lot of public normal things that we take for granted. But for us, we appreciate it so much.

How important is it for you to be a positive representation of Black love?

Olubeko: It didn’t really hit me over the head until that last day when we were just looking at each other as the first monoracial Black couple ever on this franchise. We really feel honored and just respect the position that we’re in. We only hope that we showed what beautiful Black love can be. It just so happened that we led with our hearts and ended up in this position. We really hope that we want to continue putting that out there and showing what Black love can be with parents who are still together and a lot of love between us. It’s a true honor.

Lawson: Like Dotun was saying, just giving hope to viewers for them to connect and see a love story that was shown its entirety from start to finish. There’s often like these stereotypes that kind of come in association with Black love in media, how it’s portrayed sometimes that there’s hurdles that you have to get over in order to obtain something beautiful. And I think the basis of our story is that a good thing is just a good thing. We really have sat in that and I think America saw that from start to finish. So we’re just excited to continue to show and be a healthy example of that.

Dotun, when did you realize you’re were in love with Charity?

Olubeko: I feel like the answer I’m supposed to say is on night one. But the truth is I was so skeptical going into that, but I just knew that something had called me there. And then once I got to know her after the bungee jumping wa that was huge because we both conquered this fear together; we did it twice on our own accord, which was a powerful moment for us. So it’s hard to say a specific time. I would say somewhere around there up to hometowns is when I knew I was head over heels for her and I wanted her to be my wife. It was just a matter of building that connection into the last final day.

Charity, you were having some trouble at the end kind of picking between him and Joey. What finally sealed the deal for you?

Lawson: It’s hard to pinpoint a certain moment because for me, on our very first one-on-one date, I was having these feelings of, “Oh, my goodness, what I’m feeling is truly insane.” I really started to feel, you can’t shake it, this is real. That trajectory continued to increase for the both of us, and especially for me. And the last chance date solidified it for sure. I knew I had to follow my gut and what feels truly right in this moment. And I knew if I was to leave there, I would be sick if I didn’t pick him. Iur love it, I describe it to him and say it often, is a love that can’t be replicated. I’m just really grateful.

So many couples on The Bachelorette have failed. What are you going to do differently so that doesn’t happen?

Olubeko: What we’ve always done right, that it’s never changed. I think two of our strengths is our intentionality and our communication. We maintained that even after filming ended; we understood that there’s still work to be done. And we plan on continuing to do so, it’s brought us closer. So that’s the “quote unquote” game plan going into this. And ultimately, the love for each other, we’re gonna allow that to continue. That’s the thing right there, putting in the effort and wanting this. We both want this, and we’re both so happy to be in this position. You’re gonna give that up for anything.

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