Rockstar Lenny Kravitz Becoming YSL Beauty’s Global Ambassador Makes Perfect Sense

Lenny Kravitz just looks like he smells good.

With this in mind, it’s a no-brainer for YSL Beauty to introduce the new pinnacle of its men’s fragrance line, Y Elixir, in an exciting campaign featuring the iconic Lenny Kravitz as the Global Ambassador. This launch marks the most opulent iteration of the Y series to date, embodying the spirit of luxury and bold experimentation.

“YSL is a brand that I’ve known since I was a child. My mother used to wear the fragrance, my mother used to wear the clothing.” said Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz, a rock legend known for his fearless experimental spirit and dynamic lifestyle, perfectly embodies the essence of the Y man. Y L’Elixir is designed for the man whose life is propelled by his passions and whose experiences are the very substance of his success. This fragrance celebrates the journey more than the destination, highlighting the transformative power of embracing life’s adventures.

“As I grew and studied the house of Saint Laurent I became inspired by Yves Saint Laurent on his designs, his sensibility, his lifestyle, his interiors and his choice of places to live.” said Lenny Kravitz

Crafted by the renowned Master Perfumer Dominique Ropion, Y L’Elixir showcases an unprecedented concentration in the Y series. This deep, woody-spicy fragrance introduces a sumptuous new ingredient to the Y story: oud wood. Recognized for its luxurious and intense aroma, oud wood enhances the fragrance’s depth and adds to its enduring appeal.

The fragrance opens with a vibrant burst of ginger, juniper and bergamot, and the novel touch of freshly pressed shirt aldehydes delivers a cool, clean introduction. Saffron’s rich and exotic warmth swiftly follows this, paired seamlessly with the leather accents, setting the stage for a sophisticated sensory journey. The inclusion of natural oud essence enriches the fragrance’s woody-spicy signature and ensures its superb lasting power, making Y L’Elixir a true statement of high luxury and timeless elegance.

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Y Elixir

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“What I love about elixir is its warm, woody, aroma. It’s bold, but it’s not overpowering. It’s very natural and it blends really nicely. Fragrances are the finishing element, it all begins with you, what’s inside of you, your attitude then your clothing, your jewelry, your accessories and then your scent which when blended with your natural scent becomes you.” says Lenny Kravitz

Y Elixir is not just a fragrance it’s a declaration of living fearlessly, with each spray a reminder of the adventures that define us. It invites the wearer to pursue a life of experiences, with the confidence to show the world who he is and what he stands for.

Look out for Lenny’s forthcoming album, “Blue Electric,” which releases May 24th.

Updated: April 18, 2024 — 3:02 pm