Nicki Minaj’s Husband Seeks Travel Permission From Federal Judge

Nicki Minaj wants to make the Pink Friday 2 tour a family affair. The “Super Freaky Girl” rapper will be traveling to different parts of the world to promote her new album, but the same cannot be currently said for her husband. Kenneth Petty’s failure to register as a sex offender in Los Angeles has led to him being placed on probation. As a result, he’s prohibited from traveling outside of the country. This prohibition is something Minaj and Petty hope to overturn.

According to Washington Post writer Meghann Cuniff, Petty is seeking permission to travel outside of the United States. Cuniff broke the news on X (formerly X), along with a photo of Petty’s documentation. This request comes less than a year after Petty’s last controversy. Parole violation paperwork stated that the registered sex offender was caught making “threatening remarks toward a specific individual while in the company of someone with a criminal record.” The individual in question was Offset, and Petty was subsequently sentenced to 120 days house arrest.

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Kenneth Petty Wants To Attend Nicki Minaj’s Tour

Petty’s sex offender status has generated a lot of controversy for Nicki Minaj over the years. The rapper has had to defend her marriage to users online, and has made a point of keeping her personal life as private as possible. Minaj’s profile in Vogue is one of the only time she discusses Petty openly, and explains why they connected. “We make each other laugh. We’re silly,” she explained. “And we’re always reminiscing about some old story.” Minaj also revealed that Petty is one of the few people to call her by her legal name.

Cuniff reported that Petty’s probation officers are not opposed to the request. The prosecutors, meanwhile, are taking no position in the ruling either way. The proposed court order, which was written by Petty’s lawyer, states that Petty must be back in the U.S. by July 14, 2024. “At the conclusion of the travel, Mr. Petty must return to Los Angeles County and must check in with his probation officer upon returning,” the order reads. Nicki Minaj’s proposed travel schedule kicks off April 17, however, so the window for Petty to be cleared is relatively short. A ruling has not yet been by the judge.

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Updated: April 16, 2024 — 3:02 am