Jaden Smith Calls Out Haters: “Damn Can a Man Have His Phases”

Jaden Smith is tired of the body slander! And rightfully so. He’s glowed up and is calling out the haters who are still tying him to his old ways. Specifically, he took to X to share a before-and-after photo of him self from his skinnier days. The “before” snapshot showcases a leaner version of himself from a few years ago. While the “after” photo portrays a current image where he’s seen confidently lifting weights at the gym, revealing a visibly bulkier physique. “Haters Will Post The One On The Left And Ignore The One On The Right,” Jaden typed. “Like [throw up emoji], Damn Can A Man Have His Phases [shrug emoji].”

The artist and actor has had a major transformation and evolution in recent years. And is no longer willing to be tied to his earlier self. It’s clear that Jaden Smith has been on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. And he’s determined to make his message clear. The message is body positivity and self-acceptance are essential. However, this isn’t a newfound journey for Jaden, as he’s been taking steps to improve his overall mental health as well. Specifically, he’s detailed his use of psychedelics to help him maintain relationships and contribute to his overall wellbeing.

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Jaden’s Been In The Gym

Subsequently, in efforts to shed light on the way he thinks, Jaden Smith recently gave insight on his family’s journey into the world of psychedelics. He said it was his mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, that took the pioneering step. Speaking as a guest speaker at the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver, Smith shared his experiences with psychedelic substances. He revealed that it was his mother who initially introduced the family to these mind-altering compounds, a revelation reported by Essence. “It will actually help us to open up our minds to get out of the old ways of thinking that got us into lots of these arguments and open it up so that it just releases and makes room for you to work it out and massage it out until it’s completely gone,” Jaden explained.

Moreover, Jaden’s commitment to health and fitness has not only transformed his physique but also serves as an inspiration for his fans and followers. In a society that frequently idealizes certain body types, Jaden’s willingness to share his transformation challenges unrealistic standards. Even for men! And it promotes a more inclusive and positive body image narrative. As he continues to evolve as an artist and actor, Jaden Smith’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that power lies in the acceptance of oneself. By sharing his transformation, he’s reminding everyone that we all have a phase.

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