Ja Rule Claims 50 Cent Had An Order Of Protection During Their Feud

Rappers really want beef in 2024. The first quarter of the year has been dominated by diss records and social media digs, and it’s trickling down to previous generations. Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s ongoing battle led Ja Rule to draw comparisons to his 2000s saga with 50 Cent. Fans clowned Ja Rule, as is the usual, but he dropped some previously unknown information that turned heads. The rapper claimed that 50 Cent filed an order of protection against him, despite his tough talk in the media.

The tweet that initiated the revelatory exchange was posted April 20. Ja Rule took note of the rappers who were teaming up to diss Drake, and made light of the situation by writing: “20 v 1 I can relate.” The tweet led one user to question Ja’s math. “They said 50 Cent had Ja Rule seeing 20,” the user posted. This is where things got interesting. On April 22, Ja responded to the tweet by dropping some major information about his feud with 50. He accused the entire G-Unit crew of filing an order of protection against him. An order of protection is similar to a restraining order. Barnes Jewish Hospital defines it as “a document issued by a court and signed by a judge to help protect you from harassment or abuse.”

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Ja Rule Said He Relates To 2024 Drake

Basically, 50 Cent and company took legal action to ensure that Ja Rule could not harm them. 50 Cent mocked Ja for being a fake gangster, but the latter allegedly prohibited Ja from ever coming near him. The latter highlighted the irony of the situation in his tweet. He also claimed Drake and Kendrick Lamar would get roasted by fans if either of them attempted to file an order of protection. “Gunit literally had an order of protection against Murder Inc,” he wrote. “Can you imagine if one of the camps in this beef right now put an order of protection on the other…”

Ja Rule’s beef experiences came to define his legacy as a rapper. It subsequently makes sense that he’s urging the current generation to set their differences aside and focus on music. “Hip hop is a family… and no one wins when the family feuds,” he wrote in a separate tweet. “Don’t let that go over your head… #hiphopvseverybody.” It’s a nice sentiment, even if Drake and Lamar decide to ignore it.

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