Drake Raps Over “BBL Drizzy” Beat On New Sexxy Red Single

Drake had to take a step back after the Kendrick Lamar battle. Most people agree that he lost after the release of Lamar’s number one single “Not Like Us,” and the viral “BBL Drizzy” challenge. The latter was the name of an instrumental that another Drake enemy, Metro Boomin, cooked up. Not the best stretch of the Toronto rapper’s career. That being said, he’s back, and flipping his L’s into a W. At least, trying to. Drake dropped a guest verse on the new Sexxy Red single “U My Everything,” and decided to rap over the “BBL Drizzy” instrumental himself.

The bulk of the song has an original beat. Sexxy Red does her usual thing over a monstrous Tay Keith production, but when things switch to Drake, the beat switches with him. Metro Boomin originally made the beat to mock Drake for getting cosmetic surgery done, but Drake flips the meaning of the sample to assert that he can give BBL’s to any woman he chooses. “Me and the surgeon got history, I changed a lot of girls lives for real,” he raps. “They need a new body, they hittin’ me, ayy. BBL Drizzy, they want a new body, they ask me for it. The last one drunk, he did it for free ’cause I sent over so many.”

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Drake Flips The Original Meaning Of “BBL Drizzy”

Fans will be combing through Drake’s verse to discover subliminals aimed at Metro and K. Dot, but there aren’t any. The Toronto rapper is strictly in hitmaker mode here, crafting a catchy duet with Sexxy Red. It worked when they teamed up for “Rich Baby Daddy,” so why not do it again? It does, however, play into a couple of Kendrick Lamar’s lyrical jabs. On “Euphoria,” Dot clowned Drake for “seeing two bad b*tches” whenever he stands next to Sexxy Red. He also advised the 6 God to focus on making hits, instead of trying to battle. “I like Drake with the melodies, I don’t like Drake when he act tough,” he adds.

The decision to return to hitmaking should come as no surprise to fans. Drake announced that he was going on vacation, and focusing on “summer vibes” after the release of “Not Like Us.” He may decide to pick up the battle against Lamar later on, but as of now, he’s content to crank out collabs with the likes of Sexxy Red and Lil Yachty. It’ll be interesting to see how “U My Everything” fares on the charts, given that the last Drake and Red collab peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. The “BBL Drizzy” sample is going to help.

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Updated: May 24, 2024 — 3:03 am