Camila Cabello Details The Making Of Her Upcoming Drake Collabs

Camila Cabello is really swinging for the fences on her new album. She already has solo hits under her belt, but the former Fifth Harmony member wants more. Wisely, she decided to link up with the biggest rapper in the world: Drake. Granted, Drake’s reputation is a little rocky these days, but a feature, let alone two, from the 6 God, is a surefire way to attract eyes and ears. Cabello has been hyping up the release of her Drake collabs for weeks, but she finally shed light on how and when they came about.

Camila Cabello sat down for an interview with NBA superstar Jimmy Butler. The latter asked Cabello questions on behalf of Complex Magazine. The one that got the most attention, of course, was about Drizzy. “What’s the best thing about vacationing with Drake?,” Butler asked. Cabello giggled, before clarifying that they went on vacation to work on music together. “It was to finish our f*cking incredible banger,” she told the NBA player. “So productive.” Butler persisted, however, and asked Cabello once more what the highlight of the vacation was.

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Camila Cabello Praised Drake’s “Generosity” And “Kindness”

All snickering aside, Cabello cited the chance to work with one of her musical heroes. “I’ve been listening to Drake for so long,” she explained. “It’s great to get to know someone who you like, respect and admire from the outside. Then, you get to know them, and you have more respect and admiration.” The pop star also praised Drake’s personable nature during the recording sessions. “The kind of person they are, how they treat people,” she added. “Their generosity, their kindness.” Butler actually chimed in, claiming that Drake was a “good dude.”

Camila Cabello and Drake got along so well, in fact, they their plans to make one song turned into two. The former detailed this unplanned benefit during an interview with Billboard. “[The feature] came out of a non-transactional place,” she explained. “He had this idea of a song called ‘Hot Uptown,’ and it just felt like I was in the city. I was in Miami.” The second Drake feature is a solo interlude called “UUUGLY.” The singer told the outlet that she it made the final tracklist simply because she wanted to hear more Drake on her “own album.” Camila Cabello’s album, XOXO, is set for release on June 28.

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Updated: June 27, 2024 — 3:03 am