Black Twitter Discusses Timeless Style and Grooming Traditions Black Dads Have Passed Down

As we grow older, we often realize that we’ve picked up habits and traditions from our parents that we didn’t fully appreciate in our youth. These can range from cleaning and cooking habits to fashion and grooming routines. Many find themselves reaching for the same beauty or grooming products their fathers used or adhering to the same dressing standards they observed growing up. It’s a subtle but powerful way parental influence shapes our personal style and self-care practices. Dads are always leave a lasting impression on you when you’re younger because they always do everything with swag.

Black millennials and Gen Z are particularly adept at blending these inherited traditions with contemporary flair, creating a unique fusion of past and present. They are not only wearing vintage pieces from their fathers‘ wardrobes, such as oversized jackets and classic hats, but they are also reviving old-school grooming practices like meticulously groomed beards and fresh fades. Women are adopting their fathers’ natural skincare remedies and the art of a clean shave for smooth skin. This goes beyond fashion and grooming, extending to a broader cultural appreciation. Young Black adults are celebrating their fathers’ cultural heritage by incorporating traditional fabrics, patterns, and accessories into modern fashion. Beauty rituals involving natural oils and butters are making a comeback, adapted to fit contemporary lifestyles. This blend of tradition and innovation honors their fathers’ legacy while creating a vibrant, new expression of identity.

Check out some of Black Twitter’s ( or X) tweets about traditions their fathers passed down to them.

Updated: June 14, 2024 — 3:02 pm