Adidas Makes Herstory: Candace Parker Named President of Women’s Basketball, Championing Diversity and Leadership in Sports

Adidas is continuing to make waves in the sports world. The notable brand just appointed Candace Parker as the president of their women’s basketball sector.

The announcement comes a week after her retirement from the WNBA after 16 years. Parker’s position in this role further signals a significant step towards promoting inclusivity and female leadership in sports organizations.

A renowned WNBA player and Olympic gold medalist, she will undoubtedly bring a wealth of experience and passion to her new role.

Looking at Parker’s trajectory in women’s basketball, this decision is an easy one as she reflects Adidas’s commitment to empowering women in sports. Additionally, this power move highlights Adidas’s dedication to fostering diversity and equality and underscores the growing recognition of women’s contributions and influence in the basketball industry.

Parker’s partnership with Adidas runs deep. In 2010, she became the first woman to have a signature shoe with them, the ACE Commander.

As the president of women’s basketball at Adidas, Parker is poised to drive strategic initiatives that champion women’s sports and elevate the visibility of female athletes. Her leadership is expected to inspire young athletes, especially girls, to pursue their dreams in basketball and beyond, fostering a culture of empowerment and excellence.

In a statement, Adidas’ basketball global GM Eric Wise shared, “In her new role as President, Parker will collaborate with the brand to create a powerful platform aimed at influencing and elevating the future of women’s sports. The WNBA legend will leverage her deep understanding of the game and the needs of female athletes to define a clear and impactful direction, with a focus on access, increased representation and breaking down barriers on a global scale.”

A progressive shift is happening in the sports industry. Women are increasingly taking on key leadership positions and shaping the future of sports on and off the court. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Updated: May 13, 2024 — 9:02 am