50 Cent’s Former Boss Shouts Him Out For Being A Great Intern, He Responds

With about three decades’ worth of hard work in the industry, 50 Cent knows a thing or two about upward job mobility. From rapper to superstar to business mogul to entertainment producer, it feels like the G-Unit head honcho has done it all. However, things weren’t always like that, and he knew that he had to start small in order to do big things. Recently, his former boss Jesse Itzler spoke on him being a great intern for his jingle company that worked with the New York Knicks and other entertainment titans. Just goes to show that hustling will get you far, and the money will come after that dedication.

“This is the craziest story,” Itzler began his remarks on Fif in a TikTok video. “50 Cent was my intern. I have this kid who’s a boxer who wants to be a rapper, he wants to get some business experience. So we made a deal that he would intern for me for whatever experience I could give him. In exchange, he helped me write these jingles that I was doing at the time.

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50 Cent Built His Way Up

“Fast forward ten years later, we go on our own way,” he continued. “50 becomes this amazing international star, and I have a private jet company called Marquis Jet. By fluke, he is a guest on one of our airplanes. So I had the pilot write a note saying ’50, you’re never gonna believe this. This is Jesse from the jingle company, and you’re on one of my airplanes.’ The next day, he wrote into all of his contracts that he would only fly with Marquis Jet. That is a lesson on loyalty, and you never know who the next 50 Cent is going to be.”

Meanwhile, the Queens MC even confirmed this in an Instagram repost. “This is 100 percent true Jessie is my guy,” he wrote. “I think he owns the Atlanta Hawks now [he does] I gotta catch up with him.” It’s all a bit ironic and, more importantly, almost fateful, considering that he named his regrettably estranged son Marquise. On that note, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on 50 Cent.

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Updated: September 18, 2023 — 3:02 am