4 Tips for Creating a Memorable Thanksgiving Tablescape Presented by DoorDash

There’s nothing I love more than hosting for the holidays! Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to come together with family and friends to continue family traditions, enjoy good food, and create lasting memories. And if you’re hosting, it’s also the perfect time to add a few special touches to your decor.

Whether you are hosting a large gathering or just a table for 2, there are so many ways to decorate for Thanksgiving.

Here are a few tips for creating a beautiful tablescape that will wow your guests and not break the bank!

Use pumpkins to make candle holders

If you want to elevate your tablescape, using candles are the way to go. And these pumpkin candle holders are one of the easiest DIY projects ever! All you need are a few mini pumpkins, a knife, and a candle. Once you cut the opening in the top of the pumpkin, scoop out the insides then stick the candle in. How easy is that?! Now, if you love a little razzle dazzle like me, you can pick up a few inexpensive rhinestone buttons and hot glue them to the front. Remember, you don’t have to save all the glitz for Christmas!

Play around with different sized candles and pumpkins to create the perfect ambiance for your tablescape. Consider using a reliable delivery service for your pumpkins and supplies to save some time.

pumpkin candle holder
Image: Candace Franklin.

Incorporate food with your place cards

Whether you’re a fan of sweet potato pie or a pumpkin pie lover, here’s a great way to incorporate these Thanksgiving treats in your tablescape. Use a leaf shaped cookie cutter to cut mini pies out. Put a cinnamon stick in the top & place them on a plate at each setting. Add a name card tent and for a more personalized touch, write a note of gratitude for each person inside.

Speaking of pies, for those loved ones you can’t celebrate with in person, a thoughtful delivery of a sweet potato pie or a gorgeous floral arrangement, arranged via a handy app, can bridge the distance and convey your heartfelt gratitude as well.

mini sweet potato pie cut into leaf shape on plate
Image: Candace Franklin.

Consider non-traditional Thanksgiving colors

We all love the beautiful color palette we traditionally associate with Thanksgiving but it’s okay to step outside of that. Instead of going for orange & yellow for example, consider jewel tones like magenta and deep amethyst purple. This beautiful color combination has a gorgeous richness and depth that will certainly wow your guests.

Incorporate floral arrangements for your centerpieces. You can pick up a few festive bouquets from your local grocery store or use a convenient app to connect you with local florists, ensuring your centerpiece is delivered in time to dazzle your guests.

Real flowers are beautiful but don’t sleep on faux flowers. I’m a fan of quality faux flowers because they last longer and can be reused year after year. You can also use spray painted pumpkins as vases to match your color scheme.

full dining table set
Image: Candace Franklin.

Create a mocktail station

In case you didn’t know, mocktails are the new cocktails! So what better way to include everyone than to create a mocktail station. There are so many options for creating a station from offering apple cider drinks with brown sugar & cinnamon rimmed glasses to creating an infused sweet tea bar with different flavor options. You can even make real apple cups for your guests by scooping out the insides and adding a cinnamon stick. The options are limitless.

Elevate your mocktail station with unique syrups or exotic fruits by tapping into a delivery service that brings specialty items directly to your home, ensuring your setup is both impressive and effortless

Remember, no matter how you choose to decorate, the most important thing about Thanksgiving is enjoying time with your loved ones. So as long as you do whatever you do with love, it will be beautiful! And if you find yourself in need of last-minute additions or replacements, a swift and reliable grocery delivery can be a holiday lifesaver, helping you ensure everything is in place for a memorable celebration.

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Updated: November 6, 2023 — 12:02 pm