Yungeen Ace Responds To Foolio’s IG Being Hacked After His Death

Foolio may have died, but Yungeen Ace is keeping the beef alive. The latter has not taken his foot off the gas since Foolio’s passing. If anything, he’s doubled down. He dropped two disses, “Did It” and “Game Over,” and both are ruthless takedowns of a rapper who can no longer defend himself. Well, you’d think he wouldn’t be able to, at least. A bizarre incident happened on June 28. Foolio’s Instagram account was hacked, and the hacker decided to leave a comment on one of Ace’s posts.

The comment was left on the music video link for “Game Over.” The hacker, who has yet to be identified, posted a trash can emoji. A valid response, given the content of the song, but morbid given the fact that Foolio is not behind the keyboard. Yungeen Ace saw this comment and responded. Without missing so much as a beat, the rapper wrote: “You still f*cking with me dude.” He included two laughing emojis, and then added: “I love you 4eva.” The love on Ace’s side is, presumably, sarcastic, given how brutal his diss tracks against Foolio have been.

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Yungeen Ace Showed Love To Foolio Despite His Diss Tracks

That being said, this isn’t the first time Yungeen Ace has shown love to Foolio. When the latter was involved in a 2023 shooting, Ace hopped on Instagram to wish him the best. “I’m glad you survived,” he wrote. “I love you la bra.” Foolio (the real one) wrote back: “Love you too.” This directly contradicts the celebratory tone that Ace has taken since. It does suggest, however, that peace was a possibility at one point. Yungeen Ace was asked whether he would ever squash things with Foolio during a 2021 interview with DJ Vlad.

The rapper didn’t deny the possibility, but he didn’t directly answer the question. “I really want what’s best for the city,” he explained. “I just want everybody to win, no matter what it is, what it ain’t.” Foolio also sat down with DJ Vlad to hash out the same problem. The late rapper was more direct. “It’ll prolly [end] sooner than later,” he told the host. “You never know what God got planned. I told [Ace] that a couple times. We be talking, time to time.” The interview takes on a tragic bent, knowing how Foolio passed, and how Yungeen Ace has continued to act.

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Updated: June 29, 2024 — 3:02 am