Will Smith Trolls Fans With An “Official Statement”

A lot of people have been talking about Will Smith recently. Most of that has come as a result of Jada Pinkett Smith who is revealing details about the couple’s relationship publicly. She’s done a series of bombshell interviews in order to promote her new memoir. One of the biggest revelations came from her discussing the pair’s marriage. She describes them as living entirely separate lives from each other and apparently, it’s been that way since 2016.

To his credit, all the public drama doesn’t seem to be getting to Will Smith too badly. He made a post to social media earlier this week where he showed just how little it was affecting him. He posted a video of himself sleeping on a boat and ignoring the notifications constantly ringing on his phone. Now he’s once again taken to social media to address the situation. Once again, he’s taking the high road, or some semblance of it. He ignores the actual drama going on and uses the opportunity to troll his fans instead by not actually addressing anything. Check out the hilarious clip below.

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Will Smith’s New Instagram Post

One of the top comments on the post seems to think the entire situation is being misinterpreted. “Will and Jada have an understanding, it’s the public that makes it like will is being disrespected,” it reads. Other fans agreed, leaving comments like “I love Will. He basically saying mind y’all broke a*s business.”

Earlier today a report came out clarifying what the pair’s children Jaden and Willow think of the situation. The report claims that they both “felt bad” for Will Smith in the ongoing circumstances. Reportedly he’s been spending time with both of his children and they wish for private matters to remain private. Despite that, a massive swirl of public fascination has enveloped the story. What do you think of Will Smith trolling his followers in a new Instagram post? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Updated: October 18, 2023 — 3:02 am