Travis Scott Supports Kai Cenat In Getting IShowSpeed Unbanned On Twitch

Within huge figures in the streaming world, there’s a lot of solid competition, but more importantly, there’s solidarity. Moreover, Kai Cenat recently expressed his wishes to get IShowSpeed unbanned from the Twitch platform, both on his own stream and to the platform’s CEO in person. A video recently surfaced of Cenat and Speed at the Streamy Awards talking to the executive, and it’s actually gotten a lot of traction. So much so, in fact, that even Travis Scott took to his Instagram Story to voice his support. Well, it’s not an explicit approval of the move. But we doubt that La Flame would highlight this if he didn’t believe in it.

Furthermore, he posted a screenshot of the video in question, which Kai Cenat captioned with “Imma get him unbanned.” Travis Scott added his own caption that could refer to Kai’s energetic attitude or to his unwavering mission: “MOOD 24/7.” For those unaware, both content creators have been taken off the platform in the past, though Cenat’s in the clear now. Speed, on the other hand, currently faces a ban for allegedly propagating sexist comments that violate Twitch guidelines, a set of rules that both violated before.

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Travis Scott Shouts Out Kai Cenat & IShowSpeed

Not only that, but during a recent livestream, Kai Cenat even threatened to leave the platform and end his Twitch partnership if Speed wasn’t back on air. It’s a tough line to walk, especially considering the controversial comments that brought this situation up in the first place. Still, given that both fall under a lot of scrutiny these days for their popularity, it’s an understandable camaraderie. Other rap figures came to Cenat’s defense, for example, when his giveaway event in NYC turned into a riot.

“Y’all don’t even charge the KKK When they do that negative s**t. But charge a successful black man for giving back,” NLE Choppa tweeted back when the incident occurred. “The system so designed for us to fail it don’t make sense! [I ain’t] saying what he did what’s done correctly. Of course it’s something he could’ve done better but his intentions were pure that’s all that matter. He wanted to help, give back, inspire, and most importantly spread love.” For more news and updates on Travis Scott, IShowSpeed, and Kai Cenat, stay up to date on HNHH.

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Updated: August 29, 2023 — 3:02 am