The Renaissance World Tour Was the Self-Care We Didn’t Know We Needed

On October 1, 2021, Beyoncé will officially wrap her historic Renaissance World Tour with a final stop in Kansas City. The nearly 5-month tour began on May 10, 2023, in Sweden and after more than 55 shows, Queen Bey will soon take a much deserved break—or so we think.

For many who attended a show—or three like us—this tour was different. Yes, we got the high energy, visual heavy, choreography for the books that only the “Alien Superstar” singer can bring. But, there was something deeper when it came to the overall messaging involved in this production. It was our chance to truly be free, within a safe space and free from the world’s  judgment, even for only two and a half hours. But, it was what our souls needed.

We were in the building for her Charlotte show on Aug. 9, the Los Angeles “BeyDay” weekend night one show on Sept. 1, and most recently her Dallas show at AT&T stadium—which was also the official warm-up to Houston and her official homecoming to Texas. Being able to take in the concert from various levels— the floor in LA, club level in Charlotte, and the AT&T corporate suite in Dallas, allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the Renaissance World Tour from all angles—while each one brought something new.

Since the “RENAISSANCE” album dropped on July 29, 2022, the project has served as a lyrical—and at times spiritual—therapy session for many marginalized communities, especially queer people and Black women. But to then hear those words echoed across some of the world’s top stadiums was truly a full circle moment. 

Beyonce flies over the crowd at the end of her Los Angeles show. Image: courtesy of DeAnna Taylor.

The energy in the building was electrifying. Tens of thousands of BeyHive members, fans, and supporters of fans packed the buildings to get a glimpse of the highly talked about experience. From the time Beyoncé comes up from the stage floor to begin her rendition of “Dangerously in Love,” there is a wave of emotion that hits your body like a ton of bricks. She appears in some form of a stunning gown and serenades the crowd with her vocals as she thanks everyone for rocking with her all these years. After moving through some of her top ballads, and doing a tribute to the late Tina Turner, it’s time for “the renaissance” to begin.

Seeing everyone able to express themselves through creative metallic fashion statements, makeup choices and hairstyles, was heartwarming, and it was exactly what the “I’m That Girl” vocalist wanted. Because, as Bey reminds us during her “Church Girl” set, I was born free. That song specifically has resonated with many Black women, as it reminds us that despite the tough times, despite our tears and our setbacks— there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that we all get there if we just hold on. That we are allowed to be our whole and authentic selves, despite the constraints that society often attempts to place on us. This is the same messaging that other communities breathe in as she moves from song to song, many being moved to tears at some point in the set—or was that just us?

Concert attendees happily pose before heading into AT&T stadium during the Dallas show. Image: courtesy of DeAnna Taylor

At the very end of the show, Beyoncé gives a short speech in which she tells the crowd to take in the moment, remember where you’re sitting and who you are with, and to hold on to that when you need a little extra push, or you need a happy thought. We can honestly say, that in our tough times between concerts, being able to simply think back to a show and remember how care-free we were and the joy we exuded, has definitely been a free boost of serotonin. We’re sad to see this tour come to an end, but it’s refreshing to know that we have a lifetime’s worth of memories via our digital photo albums and the thousands of videos circulating from fans online. 

So, if you’re a Beyoncé fan, and you feel the same way we do, next time life gets a little heavy of you need some self-care, think back to your time at the Renaissance World Tour and let that same joy and happiness carry you through.

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Updated: September 25, 2023 — 9:02 am