The Honey Pot and the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream Team up in one of a Kind Partnership

2024 is the year of the WNBA. From record-breaking attendance to social media dominance, thanks to the work of entertaining mascots and eye-catching tunnel fits, the sport is finally getting the recognition OG WNBA players have been championing for years. This trendsetting dominance isn’t exclusive to the on-the-court action as first-of-its-kind partnerships are also sprouting as the sport’s popularity increases.

The Honey Pot is the latest playmaker to be putting some major points on the board when it comes to synergy and representation for underserved communities as it is now the official Exclusive Body Care Partner of the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream. Founded in 2012 by Beatrice Dixon and Simon Gray, The Honey Pot is a Black-founded, plant-derived vaginal care line that sells a host of personal care products, including organic period care, vaginal washes and serums. Having efficacious and reliable period care in a field that demands you perform at your best no matter what time of the month it is imperative, explains Jazmyn Williams, the Director of Brand Marketing for the Honey Pot.

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“When you’re playing you need to be focused on defense, scoring and guarding. You don’t want to be thinking about the protection that you should be having for your menstrual cycle, whether that is a pad or a tampon or a menstrual cup,” Williams tells EBONY.

“I think it’s a beautiful thing that we get to see these players being fully human. They are not machines. Yes, they play basketball and incredibly high level and they are amazing. But they probably get cramps in the middle of a game, and they’ve got to push through,” Williams says. 

Pushing through discomfort and putting on a performance of a lifetime is something many can relate to and Williams hopes the partnership aids in normalizing conversations surrounding menstruating so that everyone, not just WNBA players, is able to access reliable period care that works best for their unique needs.

“We are a brand that is all about destigmatizing vaginal health and vaginal wellness, and normalizing what a vagina goes through,” Williams says.

From perimenopause to the use of antidepressants or chemotherapy, there is a runway length of reasons why someone may experience changes in their vagina, a topic Williams hopes this partnership can shed more light on.

“We’re really big on not making our community and vagina owners feel shame in something that is very normal and a part of life. And so that is important for the community at large to find education and find products that will serve them so that they can go do their best work, whether that’s on the court, off the court, as a mother as an employee, a sister, an aunt, or teacher,” Williams says. 

In partnership with the Atlanta Dream, The Honey Pot will be engaging with the youth of Atlanta to take their reach beyond the stadium and into the spaces that need them most.

“We’re also going to do programming for girls ages 13 to 18, for camps and clinics so they can learn about basketball, but also learn about their bodies and learn about these great products that are safe, plant derived and are wonderful for well being,” Laila Brock, the Senior Vice President for Strategic partnerships and community impact for the Atlanta Dream, tells EBONY.

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“When you’re going through those ages, you don’t know what your hormones are doing. And so what we want to do is make it fun for girls,” says Brock. 

They also want to make sure periods are not a barrier to entry for those interested in sports, especially during such a pivotal stage of development.

“We want to make sure that girls are participating in sports, because we know that those things lead to great things for girls confidence, leadership skills, time management skills, all those great things that come out of being an athlete, but then also break it down for them so that they understand what it is their bodies are going through and how The Honey Pot products can help them navigate through those things as well,” Brock says of the harmonious partnership.

“The Honey Pot is really ingrained in us in the way that we like to do community,” Brock explains. And this, of course, extends beyond the bounds of period care.

“We realized that our [brand] DNA was very, very similar. We want to use our brand and our platform to create positive social change. We want to empower Black women. We want to empower the LGBTQ community and we want to do really great things with our platform,” Brock says.

“And so we came together and decided it’s not just going to be about brand awareness,” Brock says explaining that their community focused invents will also include a backpack drive for middle school boys and girls.

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Updated: July 11, 2024 — 9:03 am