Soulja Boy Disses 21 Savage (Again) Despite Apologizing To Metro Boomin

Soulja Boy loves to pop off on other rappers. The most viral moment of his career in the last decade was when he lost his mind at the mention of Aubrey Drake Graham during a Breakfast Club interview. People haven’t said “Drake” the same way since. The rapper seemed as though he was turning over a new leaf on May 15, when he issued an apology to Metro Boomin for saying terrible things about the producer’s mother. He addressed his decision to apologize on Instagram Live, but the rapper couldn’t help himself, and took additional shots at 21 Savage.

Soulja Boy started off his IG Live by addressing the fans. He saw old tweets in which Metro Boomin was disparaging his career, so he made insulting comments about the producer’s mother. He later took back what he said, and admitted to being in the wrong. The rapper told fans that he wanted to break out of his negative mindset and serve as a good example.

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Soulja Boy Says He’ll Slap 21 Savage When He Sees Him

“That just goes to show you how angry I get,” he stated. “How mad I get when I see n**gas hating on me. But that still ain’t no f*cking excuse. I gotta be a good role model to my young n**gas.” He admitted that growth was necessary, even if it’s difficult. “Y’all not about to be looking at the sh*t thinking it’s cool cuse it ain’t,” he added. “We gotta learn from this sh*t, we gotta grow.”

It’s a mature sentiment, but it’s almost completely undone by what Soulja Boy does next. The rapper decides to take shots at Metro Boomin collaborator 21 Savage. Evidently, the maturity doesn’t apply to other rappers. “21 you still a b*tch,” Soulja yelled out. “21 you still a b*tch a*s n**ga! I just ain’t like what I said about Metro sh*t, I ain’t gonna lie.”

The rapper then clarified that his regret has nothing to do with his feelings towards 21. “But f*ck you 21 this ain’t have nothing to do with you… I ain’t say sorry cuse of you.” He then threatened to slap the UK rapper next time he sees him. Savage is on the clock to respond.

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Updated: May 16, 2024 — 3:01 am