Kamaiyah Reveals Release Date For New Album “Figuring Out My Emotions”

Kamaiyah isn’t here to be complacent. The Oakland rapper drops multiple times a year because she wants to hone her craft and ensure that fans are up to date with her life. It’s worked wonders. She’s amassed a loyal fanbase over the last decade, and her last album, Another Summer Night, earned positive reviews from critics. Kamaiyah looks to keep the winning streak going strong with her new album, Figuring Out My Emotions.

Figuring Out My Emotions is a more intimate collection of songs than its predecessor, as the title might suggest. The album is executive produced by Kamaiyah, and the lead single, “No Pressure,” delves into more serious subject matter while maintaining a slick, Bay Area sound. The rapper confirmed the rest of the album will drop on Friday, May 17. She also dropped off the artwork and tracklist. The former is right in line with the chilled-out vibe of the aforementioned single. Kamaiyah lays down on a dock near a body of water. No text or logos. Just an artist and the ocean.

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Kamaiyah’s New Album Drops On May 17

The tracklist is impressively brief. Another Summer Night was a sprawling album with 17 songs, but Figuring Out My Emotions comes in at a tight eight. There are no listed features on the album. That being said, rap artists like to hide their features until the fans get a chance to listen. Kamaiyah usually reserves a spot for West Coast peers like 03 Greedo or Jay Worthy (both of whom appeared on Another Summer Night).

Kamaiyah explained her approach to dropping during a recent interview with KQED. “It’s not the ’90s or early 2000s, like, nobody is catching a hit that lasts for a f*cking year anymore,” she asserted. “People’s attention spans are so short. If you got the attention, keep it. And only way you keep it is more sh*t in their face. It’s got to be organic.”

Figuring Out My Emotions tracklist:

  1. Be Mine
  2. Can’t Lose
  3. DND
  4. Link Wit Me
  5. One & Only
  6. No Pressure
  7. Success
  8. Winter Blues

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Updated: May 15, 2024 — 3:02 am