Jéblanc Releases The Wifey Earrings for Those Who Know Self-Love

Based in Hollywood, California, Janice Blanchet is the self-taught jewelry designer behind the brand Jéblanc, and she’s making waves. Renowned for her use of crystals and gemstones, as well as her welding and beading techniques. JéBlanc has become celebrated for its unparalleled craftsmanship— the first of its kind and soon to become the uniform of women worldwide. 

With a mission that is rooted in self-love, the company dispels the way society pushes us toward the idea that marriage is the ultimate goal, but what is love without self-love? What is devotion without a solid foundation? We oftentimes are programmed to think we need certain things our parents and society drilled into our heads without actually wondering if it’s what we really want. There is nothing wrong with being single or “alone”—as some people call it—until you’re ready to get out there and find the right person for you.

Jéblanc recently released a new earring called “The Wifey Earring” for the woman who puts herself first. The woman who buys herself expensive jewels as a hobby. She’s vibrant, she’s sexy, she’s fun. Wifey captures the hearts and minds of all who are lucky to encounter her. Finished with 14k gold-plated on brass, these are your every day and every occasion reminder that you are admiration personified—better known as Wifey.

The earring retails for $320 and can be purchased on jeblanc.com.


Wifey Earrings

Price: $320

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Updated: August 23, 2023 — 9:02 am