GloRilla Gets Emotional On The Tamron Hall Show After Father Expresses Heartfelt Moment

In an emotional moment on a recent airing of the Tamron Hall show, GloRilla was moved to tears after hearing a heartfelt message from her father. As the show neared the end, host Tamron Hall announced a special surprise for GloRilla. Furthermore, she invited her to watch a recorded clip of her father expressing his profound pride and admiration for her. With anticipation in the air, GloRilla watched as the video played, revealing her father’s heartfelt words. “I’m the father of Glorilla, otherwise known as my baby Gloria Woods,” he began, his voice filled with warmth and pride. “I’m very proud of my daughter. She is really from humble beginnings, to going to the White House. I’m extremely proud of Gloria. May she have many, many more days of success.”

The sincerity and love in her father’s message struck a chord with GloRilla, bringing tears to her eyes as she listened to his words. It was a moment of raw emotion and vulnerability, as Glorilla was overcome with gratitude and appreciation for her father’s unwavering support and belief in her dreams. For Glorilla, who has risen from humble beginnings to achieve remarkable success, her father’s words served as a reminder of the journey she has embarked on and the sacrifices made along the way. They were a testament to the power of love and encouragement, fueling her determination to continue chasing her dreams and making her family proud.

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Glorilla Fights Back Tears

As the clip came to an end, GloRilla wiped away her tears, visibly moved by her father’s touching message. “Awwww,” she reacted to the video. “I love my dad so much. He’s one of the closest people to my heart, I love him.” It was a moment of connection and intimacy, shared with millions of viewers around the world. Glo has been shining bright as of late. In fact, she recently took a trip to the White House last month as part of Women’s History Month. This resulted in a semi-viral moment where Preisdent Joe Biden said “Yea Glo!”

Moreover, in the aftermath of this heartfelt moment, Glorilla’s father’s words lingered in the air. Furthermore, it served as a source of inspiration and motivation for Glorilla and countless others. His message of pride and support echoed far beyond the confines of the television studio. In other news, Glo also linked up with Lebron James in February while in Los Angeles. The two stopped to take pics and also chatted a bit. Anyway, what do you think of the heartfelt moment between Glo and her dad?

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Updated: April 4, 2024 — 3:02 am