Dove Men+Care Celebrates Father’s Day with Bone Hyland and Matthew Cherry

Every year, Father’s Day gives us a chance to celebrate amazing dads across the country. But let’s be real—father figures come in all shapes and sizes. This year, Dove Men+Care is shining a spotlight on the diversity of these father figures. Their new research found that while about 70% of people have a significant father figure in their life, only 10% regularly celebrate them on Father’s Day. So, Dove Men+Care is stepping up to recognize stepfathers, foster fathers, godfathers, brothers, coaches, friends, teachers, and more. These unsung heroes show that care truly makes a dad.

Dove Men+Care is bringing this message to life by hosting a “Celebrate ALL Father Figures” sweepstakes and a pop-up event in NYC on June 14th. Los Angeles Clippers’ point guard Bones Hyland, who’s been a father figure to his cousin Izzy, is also joining the celebration. Hyland’s bond with Izzy grew stronger after a tragic incident, highlighting the deep connection that father figures can create. Director, writer, and former football player Matthew A. Cherry, who became a father in 2022, is also involved in this heartwarming initiative. Share your own father figure stories on Instagram with @DoveMenCare and hashtags #CelebrateALLDads and #Sweepstakes for a chance to be featured in The New York Times.

Redefine what it means to be a dad this Father’s Day from these father figures in focus: Bones Hyland and Matthew Cherry.

Why do father figures matter?
Bones: I grew up with a father-figure—my coach, Spoons—who I’m so grateful for. He changed my life in so many ways: pushing me to do my best, try my hardest, and never let anybody change who I am. I want to do the same for my cousin Izzy.

How has being a father influenced your work as a filmmaker and storyteller?
Matthew Cherry: Becoming a dad has profoundly influenced my career as a filmmaker and storyteller. Parenthood shifts your perspective, adding magic and innocence to your storytelling as you start seeing things from your child’s viewpoint. This fresh outlook has allowed me to explore stories with more emotion and authenticity, focusing on inclusion and positive imagery. Creating “Hair Love” was very personal, as I wanted to showcase families and strong father-daughter bonds in media, helping kids see themselves in narratives that celebrate their uniqueness and heritage. Working with Dove Men+Care, a brand committed to better representation of fatherhood and families, aligns with my mission to craft stories that motivate, educate, and uplift. Fatherhood has made me more understanding, enriched my storytelling with themes of love, selflessness, and the importance of family, and reinforced my sense of duty to convey meaningful messages and values through my films.

How did you take on the role of a father figure to your cousin?
Bones: Stepping up in Izzy’s life has been an honor. When Dove Men+Care asked me what I wanted Izzy to feel when he’s with me, I said I want him to feel like he has a superhero to look up to. I mean that. A few years ago, Izzy experienced the unimaginable but he’s so strong and so brave. He’s my hero too.

How do you handle the pressures and expectations of being a father in today’s society?
Cherry: Navigating the challenges and responsibilities of fatherhood in today’s world can be tough. It’s also incredibly fulfilling. One of my priorities is to be involved and attentive to my child even when I consider myself to be busy or unavailable. In a society filled with distractions and time constraints, I consciously choose to prioritize my family and ensure that my daughter feels loved and appreciated. I rely on a support network comprising family and friends for guidance and encouragement. Surrounding myself with influences and individuals who share values keeps me grounded and focused on what truly matters. Setting a positive example is important to me; I want my daughter to understand the importance of hard work, honesty, and kindness.

Why were you excited to be part of the campaign?
Bones: When Dove Men+Care approached me on this, I jumped at the opportunity. I get teary-eyed when I talk about Izzy and I like that Care Makes a Dad is showing us that there’s no one definition for family. It’s about love. It’s about care. Seeing other fathers and father figures in Care Makes a Dad share that same love made me feel proud to be part of it.

Cherry: Father figures matter because they are invaluable to a child’s emotional growth, confidence, and overall well-being. My animated short film, “Hair Love” and animated television series show “Young Love” were both created to amplify positive and authentic Black father-daughter relationships because I didn’t see enough of it in media. When Dove Men+Care asked me to be part of this campaign, I jumped at the opportunity to amplify fathers including father figures such as Godfathers, friends, teachers, and others who show up for the young ones they love. I was fortunate to have an amazing father as well as coaches and uncles who poured into me. The Dove Men+Care video did a great job of telling the stories of these men and I was very moved by it.

What is your favorite Dove Men product?
Bones: Dove Men+Care is really on a whole other level these days. I love their new whole body deodorants – you can really use it everywhere and I always have it with me for practice. Then I use their Eucalyptus + Cedar Oil body wash in the shower. The scent is so crisp, and I get my little Zen moment in the shower! I’ve been a fan of Dove Men for a while – it’s a staple in all my friends’ lives.

Have you been able to foster a community for your child the same way you had growing up?
Cherry: It’s been difficult fostering the same sort of community that I had growing up because neither my wife nor I are from Los Angeles and our closest family members and childhood friends all are over 3,000 miles away. We do the best we can with friends and newer acquaintances out here but now having a daughter we try to prioritize flying out to the Midwest and east coast at least once a year so our family can spend time with our daughter. It’s not the same as having your grandmother a car ride away but we do what we can. This is another reason why this “Care Makes a Dad” campaign felt important – it shows you that all families look different, have different experiences. Care is what makes a family.

How do you balance being a father figure to your cousin? How do you make time for your cousin in your busy life as a basketball player and role model?
Bones: Being there for Izzy is the most important job in the world. Regardless of my crazy schedule, that will always come first and will never change. I call him my angel on Earth and do what I can to make sure he feels supported and celebrated. As a father figure, that means showing up for him, being there to remind him he’s worth everything the world offers. Dove Men+Care told me something like about 70% of people have a father figure in their life. It makes me happy to know that so many kids out there have a bond like Izzy and mine. That’s special.

Updated: June 13, 2024 — 6:02 pm