DJ Allegedly Kicked Out Of Toronto Club After Playing Drake Diss “Not Like Us”

The effects of Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” are still being felt. The single solidified Lamar’s victory over Drake in the great rap battle of 2024. It also topped the Billboard Hot 100, giving Lamar his second solo number one. The single’s quotable lines and catchy beat have made it fodder for clubs, but it seems as though bringing the song to the 6 is a bridge too far. A self-proclaimed DJ was reportedly booted from a Toronto club after he dared to throw on “Not Like Us” during a set.

The claim originated from the X account @OGxTP on May 27. The user claimed that he witnessed a DJ suffer real-time consequences for playing an anti-Drake song at the club Silent H. “Brah we was at a club in Toronto last night,” he wrote. “The DJ played ‘Not Like Us’ they kicked bruh out the club and told him he not gettin paid lmao.” The claim quickly gained traction on the platform, but others stepped forward with contradictory information. Another self-proclaimed Toronto DJ, Mike Don’t, posted a screenshot of an Instagram exchange.

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X Users Claimed The Drake Diss Incident Was False

The exchange saw Mike Don’t ask about the alleged “Not Like Us” incident. According to his source, however, the DJ was not kicked out. In fact, people who were attempting to bully the DJ into not playing “Not Like Us” were the ones allegedly booted. “No he didn’t get kicked out,” the source stated. “Some guys tried to pressure him to not play Kendrick but the guys who tried it got kicked out lol.” Another X user tweeted @OGxTP with more contradictory information.

The user not only included the Mike Don’t Instagram exchange, but another X exchange between someone who attended Silent H. “I was at Silent H last night and didn’t see this at all,” the alleged attendee noted. The user, @sryidkwhyimhere, accused @OGxTP of lying to users about the whole incident. “you LIED about the dj getting kicked out and not getting paid,” they replied, before adding more information. “I just watched the DJ’s Instagram stories and it also shows you’re lying.”

As it stands, there’s far more evidence to suggest the Drake diss incident didn’t happen.

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Updated: May 28, 2024 — 3:01 am