DaBaby Could Get Served Lawsuit Papers From DaniLeigh’s Brother In A Unique Way

DaBaby has done an impressively good job of hiding from someone trying to sue him. The rapper was part of a now notorious 2022 brawl that also included his ex DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills. The two tell very different stories of how the allegation unfolded and Bills is attempting to take the “SUGE” rapper to court over the incident. The only problem is that he’s having quite a bit of trouble tracking the rapper down to serve him his lawsuit papers.

His attempts to track DaBaby down so far have come through hiring a private investigator last year. But after the P.I. failed to track the rapper down to serve him his lawsuit papers, Bills had to shift his focus. He reportedly asked the court if it would be okay to take out an ad in a local newspaper notifying the rapper of his lawsuit. Though the court hasn’t ruled on the unconventional request yet, Baby’s ability to avoid the suit has fans cracking up online. Check out some more details and fan reaction to the bizarre story below.

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DaBaby Could Be Served Papers In A Newspaper

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DaBaby dropped two new singles last month. The first of which is called “GRAMMY PARTY. “ Though the song is short wrapping up in under two minutes his fans have still flocked to it. The track has racked up more than 3 million streams on Spotify in a little over a month since it dropped. The second single is called “WONDER WOMAN” and it dropped two weeks later. The track has generated around half the streams of its predecessor currently sitting at 1.5 million.

DaBaby’s last album Baby On Baby 2 dropped back in 2022. The project was met with pretty strong backlash from music critics in particular. What do you think of DaBaby managing to dodge a private investigator trying to serve him legal documents? Do you think the judge will approve Bills’ request to serve Baby via a local newspaper? Let us know in the comment section below.

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