Beyoncé Teased a New Fall Perfume and We Have Our Money Ready

A few months ago, there were rumors that Beyoncé would soon be dropping a haircare line. Social media went crazy over a simple photo posted by Bey in front of her vanity with tons of product sample bottles. With a handwritten note to fans talking about what haircare meant to her as a little Black girl, fans were ready to drop any amount to get their hands on the potential line. But, in true Sasha Fierce fashion, the Queen instead surprised us with something else—a new fragrance.

The “Alien Superstar” singer teased a new fall perfume on her site today. Of course, as always, Beyoncé only spoon-feeds us a little bit of information at a time. So far, what we know is that it’s a fall scent, with clementine and golden honey as the top notes; rose absolute and jasmine sambac as the heart notes; and Namibian myrrh and golden amber as the base.

Image: Courtesy of Beyoncé.

This isn’t the first fragrance drop for Beyoncé. In 2010, she released her debut scent called “Heat” which the Beyhive ran to buy. Shortly after its release, she followed up with scents “Pulse” and “Rise”. Like always, anything Bey touches turns to gold, so we hope we won’t have to wait too long to spray on this latest scent before a night out on the town with friends.

Stay tuned to for more details. US and Canadian customers, go ahead and prepare to save around $160 plus tax to get your hands on the scent when it becomes available.

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Updated: July 20, 2023 — 3:01 pm