Asian Doll Shares Controversial Take On Being A Stepmother

Rapper Asian Doll sparked a conversation online by a social media post that has people split down the middle. She recently took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share her views on parenting, specifically, motherhood. In a post she wrote, “females should not be manipulated into thinking that being a stepmom is maturity, it’s not it’s actual embarrassment.” Per usual, social media shared their opinions. This post from Asian Doll quickly triggered a responses from users across social media platforms, each sharing their perspectives on the matter. One individual countered Asian Doll’s statement, saying, “It’s ONLY embarrassing if you become the stepmom to a baby he had while y’all was together. Why would it be embarrassing to deal with somebody with kids and become apart of their children’s lives as well?”

“Somebody must said she can’t be around their kids,” another wrote. “The embarrassment would be not putting innocent children who didn’t ask to be here first… Love can’t be present if there’s none for the kids… it’s a package deal and before you. If it’s too much only go for single folk,” someone else said. “I’m a stepmom and the child was conceived prior to me..he’s also not with her etc..that child actually latched on to me due to her not being there…I would never take anything out on an innocent child..I’m a proud step mom and love him as if he was mine and will be there for him no matter what..smh this is such a terrible take,” another quipped.

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Asian Doll Shares Her Opinion

The tweet and ensuing discussion highlight the complexity and nuances surrounding the concept of stepmotherhood in today’s modern society. People’s opinions on this topic can vary widely based on their personal experiences, beliefs, and values. Asian Doll’s viewpoint seems to highlight a concern that some individuals may perceive being a stepmom as a symbol of maturity without considering the intricacies involved.

On the other hand, the response to her tweet reflects the perspective that there’s nothing inherently embarrassing about being a stepmother. Many believe that embracing a partner’s children and becoming a positive influence in their lives is a commendable and loving act, not a source of embarrassment. The debate also touches upon the distinction between different scenarios. While some may argue that it could be embarrassing if a woman becomes a stepmother to a child her partner had during their relationship, others contend that it’s the willingness to nurture and support children, regardless of their origins, that defines the role. What are your thoughts? Let us know on HNHH.

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Updated: October 3, 2023 — 3:02 am