50 Cent Tells “Men’s Health” Why He Doesn’t Wear Bulletproof Vests Anymore

Though 50 Cent never really left the public eye, he has roared back into the limelight for many this year. He’s currently on an absolutely massive 93-stop tour in celebration of his 2003 classic Get Rich Or Dye Tryin’ turning 20. He also just recently popped up on Nas’ new album Magic 2. The pair teamed up on a song called “Office Hours” which made for their first team-up in over 20 years. in a recent viral clip from his interview with Men’s Health, 50 explains how he learned to value himself and stop chasing all the women he met after becoming a celebrity.

Now more info from the interview is emerging, including why 50 Cent stopped wearing his iconic bulletproof vest. “When did I stop wearing the bulletproof vest? I don’t have a specific timeline for that,” his answer begins. “You know what happened? I got other things. I had gotten vehicles, like, full-blown level 6. The same stuff Obama is riding around in. “So it didn’t make sense to have to wear it every day because it was like in between that one space that I was going into the building and coming out of the building. So, I started to wear it less but this is almost like my hallmark. In the beginning of my career, I was seen more often with it than without it.”

50 Cent On Moving On From The Bulletproof Vest

Recently after a stop on his ongoing tour, 50 Cent caught up with Griselda rapper Benny The Butcher backstage. The crossover had fans dying for a new collaboration between the pair. That isn’t the only crossover people are hoping for following his team-up with Nas.

Last week Waka Flocka spoke on how he wanted 50 to team up with Busta Rymes for an entire collaborative album. While it didn’t serve as any kind of actual announcement of anything, fans had no trouble agreeing with the vision. What do you think of 50 Cent’s explanation for why he stopped wearing his trademark bulletproof vest? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Updated: August 9, 2023 — 3:02 am