50 Cent Honored With His Own Day In Shreveport After Blockbuster Deal

50 Cent has become a business mogul first and a rapper second. He’s excelled in every business venture he’s embarked on, and his dealings with Shreveport have not been any different. 50 recently opened up G-Unit Film & TV Studios in the Louisiana town, and citizens responded by giving the rapper his own holiday. 50 was awarded a ceremonial key to the city by Mayor Tom Arceneaux on April 18, in an event that was attended by over 1,000 Shreveport citizens. The rapper assured the crowd that he will be giving back to the city, and projects will start production as soon as July.

50 had nothing but kind things to say about Shreveport, yet he remained focused on his business plan during his acceptance speech. “As someone who’s always believed in the transformative power of music, film and television,” he told the crowd. “I’m really excited to show you the expansion of film and television through G-Unit Studios right here in Shreveport.” The arrival of G-Unit Film & TV Studios could not have come at a better time for the city. The production company will attract talent to the area, create jobs for locals, and spark economic growth. 50 took questions from the crowd after the ceremony, and assured everyone that it will not take long for these positive changes to occur.

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50 Cent Promises To Generate Jobs In Shreveport

The rapper claimed it would take less than five years for Shreveport to benefit. “It won’t take ten years, maybe like three,” he asserted. “I’ve experienced in other opportunities that people will be attracted and get involved and do other things around it. So you’ll see it move a lot faster. Not everything is going to be me but it’ll happen because they saw something and ask[ed].” These figures may seem ambitious, but 50 knows what he’s doing. G-Unit Film & TV Studios has become the second biggest black-owned production company in the world.

50 kept it professional, yet he couldn’t help but poke fun at Diddy on Instagram after the ceremony. He posted a photo of a woman carrying a sign that read: “Ratchet City but no Diddy!” and claimed it made him love Shreveport even more. “Shreveport is the vibe,” he wrote in the caption. “Louisiana state of mind.” Don’t worry, thought, 50 Cent the rapper is still active. He wished Dr. Dre a happy birthday on Instagram in February, and confirmed that the two of them are working on new music.

One thing’s for sure: Shreveport is going to be playing that new 50 at full volume when it drops.

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