Xavien Howard Shockingly Accused Of Sending A Child Sexually Explicit Videos Of His Mother

According to a recent court document obtained by The Miami Herald, former All-Pro Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard allegedly sent a child sexually graphic photos and videos of the boy’s mother because she refused to get an abortion. The document is part of a different case against Howard. It is claimed that following their breakup, he frequently sent recordings of another lady that were sexually graphic. The child, who was not identified and was a minor at the time, is asking to be allowed to sue Howard as part of the continuing case in the latest filing.

The story claims that in 2022, Howard was dating a woman. Howard, according to the petition, insisted that she undergo an abortion when she found out she was pregnant that autumn. According to the lawsuit, Howard “went on a warpath against her” when she declined. After that, he is accused of sending her other son sexually suggestive pictures of her, which led to “severe emotional distress.”

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Xavien Howard Accused Of Sending Child Sexually Explicit Videos Of His Mother

According to the allegation, Xavien Howard got his phone number since the woman occasionally texted him from her son’s phone. She said that after finding the messages, she erased them; nevertheless, her son subsequently discovered that they were connected through his iCloud account. “This behavior is abhorrent, especially sending that to a child,” the boy’s attorney, Adriana Alcalde, told The Herald. That incident occurred after another woman sued Howard. She stated that she had received “several sexually explicit videos” of herself and other people after their July 2022 breakup. That woman claimed to have been one of the women featured in the videos and that she had learned about them from another woman.

Xavien Howard allegedly informed the women that he had posted the videos to “make her mad because she did not want to have sex with him,” according to CBS News. The woman said that on one occasion, Howard had recorded them having sex with her knowledge. He then allegedly shared it with others against her will. Subsequently, a different woman contacted the first one last year. She claimed that Howard had sent her “several other sexually explicit photographs and videos” of herself and other women. Overall, the situation, allegations, and the case are very disturbing.

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