TwoGether Land Festival 2024 Highlights: Amaarae, Summer Walker, Lil Wayne Bring the House Down

Summer festival season is in full swing, and the inaugural TwoGether Land Festival in Dallas, Texas, electrified the weekend of May 25th and 26th with an eclectic mix of sonic offerings and high-energy performances. From Afro-alternative sensation Amaarae to hip-hop icon Lil Wayne, the lineup catered to various musical palates. Country newcomer Shaboozey, songstress Summer Walker, the captivating Mariah the Scientist and singer-songwriter Muni Long also delivered standout sets. There were also several moments for fans of the early 2000s to enjoy, with performances from Amerie, Three 6 Mafia, The Dream and more. Beyond the music, fans indulged in diverse food, a roller skating activation and a live session of Angela Yee’s often spicy Lip Service podcast. The debut collaboration between One Music Fest and Live Nation Urban united thousands in a celebration of music, wellness and culture. Here are a few highlights:


You can’t mention Afro-futurism or alternative Afrobeats without spotlighting Amaarae. The Ghanaian singer has shaped a lane that is wholly her own and brought that energy to her TwoGether Land set. She performed several songs from her sophomore LP Fountain Baby and was seen heavily engaging with fans and letting them finish her lines. Her performance of “Princess Going Digital” was a standout, as she danced passionately while maintaining her signature, almost robotic vocals without a hint of autotune.


If 2024 is the year of country music, then the summer is shaping up to be Shaboozey’s. Fresh off being featured on two tracks on Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter album, Shaboozey has been taking the world by storm with his hit song “Tipsy (A Bar Song).” In a short but sweet set, he included his hit song and a few other fan favorites. Despite a relatively early set and slowly growing crowd, Shaboozey gave high energy and the fans in attendance gave him that energy right back.

Shaboozey. Image: Courtesy of TwoGether Land.

Summer Walker

Summer Walker popped onto the scene with a captivating voice that silenced all preconceived notions about her. Now in 2024, that very voice is still front and center but now backed with tactful choreography and an elevated stage production, as evidenced by her TwoGether Land set. While still a relatively tame performer, Summer exuded newfound confidence on stage. She donned a glittery bodysuit and was backed by dancers. She closed out day one of the festival and delivered a powerful setlist featuring “No Love,” “Constant B******t” and her breakout single “Body.”

Lil Wayne 

Hip-hop legend Lil Wayne closed out Day 2 of the festival and the crowd was tapped into every lyric and every bar. He fluctuated between the high energy of songs like “Uproar” and “6 Foot 7 Foot” to slow jams like “How to Love” and “Mrs. Officer.” After each song, Lil Wayne stopped to thank the crowd for their support and for sticking around to see him. He performed with his signature with his signature “dutch” in hand before closing out the set and festival with “A Milli.”

Lil Wayne. Image: Courtesy of TwoGether Land.
Updated: June 4, 2024 — 3:01 pm