Sukihana Defends Brittany Renner’s Body Count: “She’s Living In Her Truth”

During her recent appearance on the Club Shay Shay podcast, Brittany Renner left Shannon Sharpe in awe after revealing that she’s slept with 35 men. The revelation got a great deal of attention on social media, with countless users chiming in. While Renner called her sexual history “impressive,” some thought that the number was shockingly low. Others thought it was high, and have since taken to the internet to shame her. Obviously, it’s nobody besides Renner’s business who she gets intimate with. Regardless, people will have their opinions.

Amid the controversy, Sukihana took to social media to weigh in. Suki’s no stranger to embracing her sexuality, and she seems glad that Renner did, too. She called out those going after Renner for her admission, letting them know that they need to check themselves. “I have a message for the people that are judging Brittany Renner for saying that she slept with 35 mans,” the hitmaker began. “Um, she’s living in her truth.”

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Sukihana Says Renner’s Haters “Do Worse Behind Closed Doors”

Suki continued, explaining how instead of worrying about what Renner’s doing, haters should worry about themselves. “While you’re judging, you’re pointing one finger… it’s three pointing back at you.” She went on to claim that there are a lot of people doing far more scandalous things than Renner does, so there’s no room for them to judge. “Y’all really do worse behind closed doors,” she captioned the clip. “All y’all do is sit in them comments and complain about others.”

Though Suki certainly managed to get her message across, she did accidentally tag the wrong person in her post. Instead of Brittany Renner, the “Grinch” performer tagged Britney Spears. Many found the mistake to be pretty funny, and some even think the same sentiment could be applied to Spears, who’s been subject to her own fair share of shaming throughout her career. What do you think of Sukihana coming to Brittany Renner’s defense amid the controversy? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Sukihana and Brittany Renner.

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Updated: September 29, 2023 — 3:02 am