Sukihana Claims That JT Is NOT Dissing Her On New Single “Okay”

JT really stirred up more rap beef in 2024. The City Girls emcee dropped her solo single “Okay,” and fans have been trying to figure out who she’s targeting. “She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missing,” she rapped. “Cheap a*s veneers, you stay talkin’ sh*t.” These lines are so specific that fans have been able to boil it down to two artists: Cardi B or Sukihana. The former hasn’t commended on the JT song, but Sukihana got tired of people tagging her on Instagram. She hopped on social media to set the record straight between her and JT.

Sukihana started her post by acknowledging that she did, in fact, break her tooth eating crab legs. “We all know I done broke my teeth on some crab legs,” she noted. It was the second part of JT’s line that led to her dismissing the theory. “I don’t talk sh*t about b*tches. I always show love,” she explained. “Never hate on a b*tch, never called a b*tch name.” Sukihana also pointed to the fact that she was just at JT’s birthday party in December. “I was at JT birthday party, it was hugs and giggles, so I don’t feel like she talking about me.”

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Sukihana Clarifies That Her And JT Are Friends

Sukihana did admit that was dealing with legal troubles with “Okay” dropped, so she may have missed some crucial details. The rapper was arrested for possession of ecstasy with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver and possession of codeine with intent to sell and manufacture on April 25. She was released a few days later on a $7,500 bond from Broward County. “I was locked up when the song came out, I come home, I look at my phone and everybody keep tagging me,” she told her fans. “They tagging Cardi too, they said JT was trying to diss me or Cardi B in a song.”

Sukihana maintains that everything is solid between her and JT. She went as far as to vouch for the character of the City Girls emcee. “”I don’t take her as a girl that just start trouble with random people when she droppin’ a song,” she reasoned. She did, however, leave some room open for clarification. She asked JT to speak out on the “Okay” lyrics and set the record straight on who she’s targeting. “They said it’s trouble in paradise for her and Cardi,” she added. “I just don’t feel like me and you got no tea, so just let me know.”

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Updated: April 30, 2024 — 3:02 am