Stormi Steele Shatters Records on TikTok, Earning $1 Million in a Single Live Session

Stormi Steele, the visionary creator behind Canvas Beauty, has made history by becoming the first creator on TikTok to earn over $1 million during a single live session. This groundbreaking achievement highlights Steele’s relentless drive and innovative approach, solidifying Canvas Beauty’s place at the pinnacle of the beauty industry.

Steele’s journey from her warehouse in Huntsville, Alabama, to this historic milestone underscores her unwavering commitment to her brand and her mission to empower women. “I’m still amazed. Coming from a no-stoplight town in Mississippi to becoming the first person and brand to make $1 million on TikTok during a single live is surreal,” Steele remarked. “When I started Canvas Beauty, I wanted to change the world and beat the odds against me, all while making women feel beautiful. Just last year, I almost lost it all. I stayed focused, and because of God, I’m still here. Canvas is changing the world of e-commerce.”

Steele’s success is a beacon of inspiration for the beauty industry, demonstrating the power of passion and innovation. “What’s exciting is we created a blueprint, and thousands of entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from what we did. That’s the best part—helping other entrepreneurs break records and find success.”

The TikTok global team delivered the news to Steele following her electrifying live session on June 8, 2024. As a Black woman entrepreneur, Steele’s rise to the top of TikTok’s revenue charts is a testament to her resilience, creativity and dedication. It also serves as a source of pride for the global community, showcasing the power of diversity and inclusion in the digital world.

Canvas Beauty, born from Steele’s passion and ingenuity, has quickly become the fastest-growing beauty brand globally. From her warehouse in Huntsville, Steele has led Canvas Beauty’s meteoric rise, captivating audiences worldwide with her groundbreaking products and unwavering authenticity. The brand’s growth reflects the market’s hunger for innovative and genuine beauty solutions.

One of the key drivers of Canvas Beauty’s success has been the Body Glaze line, which has sold over 1,000,000 units in its first year. This line has not only dominated the beauty landscape but also increased Steele’s visibility, attracting hundreds of thousands of followers and receiving rave reviews from industry experts.

Steele’s journey with Canvas Beauty has been marked by resilience and a determination to push boundaries. From the brink of losing her brand in 2022 to redefining industry standards, Steele continues to rewrite the playbook, cementing her legacy as a trailblazer and visionary in the beauty world. With each new milestone, she inspires and uplifts those around her, proving that diverse voices can reshape and redefine industries.

Updated: June 12, 2024 — 12:02 pm