Snoop Dogg Reveals Tragedy That Inspired New Dogg Pound Album

Tha Dogg Pound was a legendary part of Death Row Records. While they lacked the crossover success of 2Pac or Dr. Dre, the duo anchored the label’s catalog with hits like “Let’s Play House” and “New York, New York.” The latter was a diss song with a Snoop Dogg chorus. The collab led to the formation of the DPGC, or Dogg Pound Gangsta Clicc, which has dropped multiple albums over the last three decades. Snoop Dogg thought DPGC was done a few years back, but personal events led to a reunion that he’s subsequently been grateful for.

Snoop Dogg talked about the Dogg Pound reunion during a recent appearance on Home Grown Radio. The rapper admitted that he’d been on the outs with Dogg Pound co-founder Daz Dillinger, and therefore reluctant to work with him. It’s worth noting that Snoop and Daz are cousins, so the rift went beyond the studio. It was ultimately the death of Snoop’s brother, Bing Worthington, that led to the two men setting their issues aside. “My little brother had passed away,” the rapper said. “And one thing about my little brother is he loved the f*ck outta Daz. He loved us together.”

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The Death Of Snoop Dogg’s Brother Inspired The Reunion

Snoop Dogg decided that he wanted to honor Bing by putting out new music as a family. “I started calling family members,” he noted. “I reached out them, I was like ‘Y’all get Daz’. Me and him get on the line, we communicate, and I’m like ‘Come over and see me.’” Snoop and Daz reconciled, and then called Dogg Pound’s other co-founder, Kurupt. One thing led to another, and suddenly, the group was making music again. The concept of reconciliation informed the title of the new album, W.A.W.G., which stands for We All We Got.

The lead single for the album addressed the issues that Dogg Pound’s members have been going through. It also set the record straight on their future plans. Namely, that they aren’t going anywhere. “Smoke Up” sees Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger and Kurupt come together as a unified force. “F*ck what you heard,” Snoop raps. “Somebody said the Dogg Pound broke up/ Shut yo b*tch a*s up, n**ga, now smoke up.” W.A.W.G. is due out May 31.

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Updated: May 15, 2024 — 3:02 am