Rick Ross Remembers The Time His Ankle Monitor Went Off In Front Of Barack Obama

Renowned rapper Rick Ross found himself in an unforgettable predicament when his ankle monitor unexpectedly went off in the presence of former President Barack Obama. In a recent interview with Complex, Rick Ross confirmed the incident, providing a glimpse into this extraordinary encounter. The interviewer asked if it was true if the incident happened, to which Rick responded it was. “I did,” admitted Rick Ross with a nonchalant demeanor, acknowledging the moment when his ankle monitor disrupted the presence of one of the most influential figures in American history. Meek Mill, who was also present during the interview, recounted the aftermath of this extraordinary encounter. The two were laughing about it because Ross was clearly embarrassed about it.

Ross had the unique privilege of meeting President Obama in 2016, a meeting that demanded the surrender of all electronic devices. The room where this historic meeting took place was not your average setting; it was filled with several hip-hop icons, making it a truly iconic moment. At the time, Rick Ross was on house arrest. He remembered the moment it happened, and proceeded to slouch down on the couch as he retold how he felt in the moment. “The Secret Service started moving because everybody gave away they phones—all electronics had to be given up,” Ross said. “So when something started making a noise, you saw all the people in the back and I’m like, ‘Damn.’ And then it finally went off and then Obama had to say something. I ain’t gonna repeat it out of respect for Obama though.”

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Rick Ross Was Embarrassed

It’s a funny story, for sure. Fans reacted to hearing this story as well as the overall interview on social media. “Am sorry but I don’t know why am laughing [crying laughing face emoji,” one person wrote. “Meek and Ross are the funniest combo man, its good seeing them in this light,” another person said. “Funniest thing I seen was Ross speaking on prison reform,” someone else commented.

Rick Ross has been speaking out on all kinds of things lately. Moreover, he spoke with Rolling Stone the other day to share his thoughts on Jada Pinkett Smith. “To me, she’s psychologically lost and needs some counseling,” Rick Ross said of the actress. “Jesus! What are you going to tell us next? When you tell us you haven’t been together in six years, you haven’t had sex in this many years, you don’t have a prenuptial agreement — OK, what’s next?” It’s clear Ross is not holding back in any of these interviews.

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