PIVOT X EVOLVE: Merging Voice Passion with Entrepreneurial Drive

In the world of music, Jaron LeGrair of Jaron LeGrair Studios revels in the breakdown of inflection. Tone, accent and pitch are crucial to his business of working with talented artists, though he sometimes lacks sufficient support. Luckily, companies like State Farm ® offer assistance and resources to companies like LeGrair’s—specialized businesses driven by passion. 

“Starting something on your own [can be difficult] because you have to do everything yourself as a leader to entrepreneur, you wear all hats,” he says. But wearing all hats has its upside. During his past studies, LeGrair discovered his passion for the study of voice. “The reason I got into teaching was because the voices I grew up listening to weren’t talked about enough and weren’t taken seriously enough.”  

His inspiration was just getting started. After pursuing a master’s degree and delving into the intricacies of his studies, LeGrair decided to carve out a special space for himself in the world of sound. “I took speech and hearing courses, phonetics and audiology. That influenced my teaching style and how I approach, analyze and break down different voices; listening to the quality of the voice and deciphering what they’re doing.” 

The decision to start a private workshop was an easy one. “I started my studio from a school project where one of our assignments was to create a voice studio, so I kept [the idea] and it sprouted from there.”  

From inspiration to pushing through adversity, LeGrair is well-acquainted with both. Be it people delivering negative feedback by telling him that his voice would be damaged because of his musical selections, or fulfilling every role in a company, burnout can be inevitable. Through organizations that can uplift endeavors like his, there can be a positive impact on the community. State Farm is a reliable member of the community that helps companies grow and succeed, from small seeds to robust gardens. 

When asked how LeGrair manages to shift from creative to business so swiftly, he credits the natural ebb and flow of work, saying, “It’s still a creative business and I feel like the two are always going to be married.” 

Turning what comes naturally into a profitable venture can be a hard climb, so community support is a crucial must when we are in pursuit of our dreams. State Farm agents collaborate with new and existing business owners to provide the necessary coverage for their success. 

Updated: June 14, 2024 — 6:02 pm