National Wellness Month: 5 Black Yogis to Follow for Your Highest State of Zen

Relax. Relate. Release. We all deserve to achieve the highest levels of zen and peace every day, and that was one of the main reasons National Wellness Month was created. Recognized each August, the national designation serves as a reminder for us all to implement more self-care and wellness practice into our routines.

While self-care and wellness looks different for each person—and can even change by the day or week, depending on what you need at certain stages of life—what we can agree on is that, it’s essential.

The EBONY lifestyle team has always been huge advocates for mental peace and zen, and we want to share that with you, too. In an effort to help you participate in National Wellness Month without overthinking it, we’ve put together this all-star roster of Black yogis to follow. Be sure to give them a follow before you hit the mat.

Jessamyn Stanley

Award-winning author, body positivity advocate, yogi and all around badass Jessamyn Stanley is always putting out content to show the world why self-love is the best love. Calling herself the Beyoncé of yoga, the content creator has amassed nearly half a million followers. Over time, body positivity, acceptance, and liberation became the pillars of her life.

Andrew Sealy

A huge advocate on self-awareness, Andrew Sealy now shares his experience as a certified yoga instructor with people all around the world. Not only does he offer inspirational messages and easy-to-follow practices online, but he also hosts his own curated wellness retreats in some of the top spots around the globe—including Costa Rica.

Dr. Chelsea Jackson-Roberts

For well-known meditation and yoga instructor Chelsea Jackson-Roberts, PhD, tapping into wellness modalities were initially just a means to remain active. But it was after a traumatic life event during college, that she found practicing was actually a way for her to navigate grief and life in general.

Ty Daye

The New Jersey native is said to be the first Black male yoga instructor from his city. After working in politics for some years, he went on to create his wellness brand, Black to Yoga. Now, he spends his time helping his followers and clients understand the importance of yoga, especially in the Black community.

Koya Webb

Holistic health coach, Koya Webb, has helped some of our favorite people find their highest state of zen. From P. Diddy and Stevie Wonder to India Arie, Webb’s approach to wellness is a frequency we all could use this year. On her social media platforms, she’s always offering fans and followers inspiring daily affirmations, healthy plant-based recipes to try, as well as tips for taking their yoga practice to the next level.

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Updated: August 9, 2023 — 12:01 pm