Mugler Taps Model Anok Yai as The Face of Their Newest Fragrance, Alien Hypersense

In the world of perfumery, scents are more than just fragrant notes; they are portals to memories, emotions, and personal journeys. Model Anok Yai is a woman who loves herself a good fragrance so becoming the face of Mugler’s Alien Hypersense perfume makes perfect sense.

“Alien makes me feel sensual and empowering,” she begins, her eyes reflecting the passion she holds for this particular fragrance. “The notes of jasmine, green mandarin, and pear make it perfect for a night out or for a date. It is a great scent for attraction.”

anok ya mugler
Image: Daniel Sannwald for Mugler.

For her, fragrance isn’t merely a cosmetic addition but an integral part of daily life. “Fragrance is one element that leads my entire day,” she explains. “I always have a fragrance bottle in my bag as it defines my mood and how I feel that day. Fragrance also becomes a great point of reference in your life that reminds you of that particular place and time and all of the elements surrounding that event.”

As she dives into her childhood memories, a smile hits her face. “My parents have a scent that they use in our home. It’s called the Bakhoor and it’s scented with sandalwood,” she reminisces. “Every time I come across it, it reminds me of home. It’s a nostalgic scent for me.” She adds, “The scent of vanilla also reminds me of when I was younger as my mom loved it.”

When asked about what joy smells like to her she said “If I close my eyes and think of what joy smells like it’s walking through a sunflower field with the sunlight in my face,” she describes, evoking a vivid sensory experience.

anok ya mugler
Image: Daniel Sannwald for Mugler.

Comfort, she shares, is intricately tied to scent as well. “Comfort for me is having notes of lavender on my bed sheets. It’s so soothing right before you go to sleep,” she reveals, a sense of tranquility evident in her voice.

And what about confidence? “The way that you look is a manifestation of how you feel,” she asserts confidently. “Confidence is something that’s inside of you and once you find it, no one can take it away. It’s more than a scent; it’s an overarching way of being of which scent is an important part!”

It’s clear that fragrance isn’t just a cosmetic choice for her—it’s a deeply personal and transformative experience that intertwines with every aspect of her life, from childhood memories to moments of joy, comfort, and confidence.

anok ya mugler

Alien Hypersense Perfume

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Updated: April 12, 2024 — 6:02 pm