Meek Mill References Drake And Kendrick Lamar In Bizarre X Rant

Meek Mill is a success story. The rapper has had a great career by any reasonable measure. He’s got two gold albums, two platinum albums, and several top 40 singles. Outside of the music, though, Meek has had a rougher time. He lost a battle to Drake in 2015, served prison time in 2017, and has since become something of a walking meme. He was linked to the ongoing case involving Diddy, and responded to it with a social media rant that had fans thoroughly confused. Meek put his Twitter fingers to work again May 8, and the results were similarly confusing.

The Philly rapper went on a tear and decided to list of all his accomplishments. He patted himself on the back for accomplishments that were valid, and ones that were a bit exaggerated. “I gotta say it what I offered to the game everytime it can’t be minimized,” he wrote. “I’m starting to like these convos if we in the era of facts. I been in all the jungles lifting communities up for years. And my rap skills are incredible! Like really really good.” Meek then revealed that his PR situation has been shaky over the last few years, which actually explains quite a bit. “My pr has been off for a year or 2,” he added. “So they mutating my name but when I’m gone they will give it up! Ima just keep grinding!”

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Meek Mill Claimed Drake And Dot Are Both “Great”

All good, right? A little scattered, but more or less on topic. Then, out of nowhere, Meek Mill decides to give his two cents on the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle. Never mind the fact that the rapper was trying to hype himself up. Or the fact that an hour earlier, he explicitly tried to move away from the topic of the 6 God. “I give y’all my honest without speaking on Drake,” he wrote. He abandoned his game plan and decided to heap praise on both Drizzy and Kung Fu Kenny. “The boy and Kendrick have their own lanes and qualities they great at also,” Meek added.

This isn’t the first time Meek Mill has spoken on the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle. He claimed he wanted to see Lamar and J. Cole make up right after Cole issued a public apology for his diss. He also gave his thumbs up to Lamar’s Drake diss, “Not Like Us.” He left a comment under the song on IG. “I’ve never been excited for a rap battle but this got me looking,” he wrote. A bizarre comment, given that Meek literally battled Lamar’s opponent a decade ago, but a compliment nonetheless.

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Updated: May 9, 2024 — 3:02 am