LeBron James Shocks Kai Cenat And Druski By Calling During Live Stream

Kai Cenat’s live stream was star-studded on June 10. The online personality managed to get Kevin Hart and Druski to join him for a few hours of jokes and random conversations. Both men provide more than enough star power on their own, but things took an unexpectedly wild turn when Hart decided to show off his industry clout. He not only mentioned LeBron James, but he FaceTimed the superstar and got him to chat with Cenat and Druski on stream. Cenat and Druski reacted exactly like you think they would.

Kevin Hart dialed LeBron James up in the middle of the stream. The other two men can hardly contain themselves when the Lakers star picks up. Kai Cenat runs into frame and screams James’ name before clapping his hands. Druski, meanwhile said he was surprised to hear James swear. “When Bron started saying n**ga,” he asked. Hart explains the situation to James, telling him “the world know” that he says “n**ga,” which leads to a whole back-and-forth between the group. The excitement then takes over, and Cenat and Druski urge Hart to show his phone screen to the camera. The comedian obliges, and James can be seen for a split second.

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Kevin Hart Convinced LeBron James To FaceTime

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Hart tried to continue the conversation with LeBron James while Cenat and Druski celebrated in the background. They were clearly starstruck by the encounter, and Hart was clearly trying not to laugh. Both Kai Cenat and Druski have praised the legendary athlete in the past. The latter even claimed that James was better than Michael Jordan during his episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast. “I’m big on LeBron,” he admitted. “I like the way he got his whole career going and the way he’s just a social person. He’s not like Jordan and doesn’t like people and staying away from, the black people and stuff. No shade.”

Kevin Hart, meanwhile has known LeBron James for over a decade. The most famous public interaction between Hart and James happened at the NBA All-Star Game in 2016. Hart was one of the celebrities in attendance, and James stole Hart’s drink to give to hometown hero Drake. Hart got the superstar back in his 2023 comedy special, Reality Check, however. The comedian poked fun at King James’ receding hairline, and the fact that he could “count the hair on top of his f**king head.” It’s safe to assume the roasts will keep going back-and-forth, especially after the Cenat stream.

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Updated: June 11, 2024 — 3:02 am