Latto Responds To Speculations That She’s Biting Sexyy Red’s Style

Lately, Latto has been regularly called out for “copying” people’s swag. One commonly known person that she’s been accused of copying is none other than Ice Spice. Ice Spice herself even called this out, and appeared to take a shot at Latto in a previous song. “Now she all on the floor when I kick in the door / How you mad I do less ’cause you gotta do more?” Spice rapped on, “How High?” Now, Latto is in the spotlight once again for appearing to copy one of her peers. This time, Sexyy Red seemingly had something to say, and Latto has had enough. The “Put It On Da Floor,” rapper took to X to address the speculation and shut it down. It’s clear she’s trying to put an end to the rumors, and has been responding by proving that she’s been wearing True Religion for as long as she can remember.

“The fact that you’re trying to prove that you was wearing True is crazy,” one user tweeted. Latto quoted it with her own response and said, “No what’s crazy is y’all accuse me of copying any and every thing and when I prove y’all wrong I’m doing tewww muchhhh.” Another person chimed in and said, “the way nobody said any names though. you really are a ditzy ho thinking everything is about you.” “Yall hoes def not fast… I was addressing Shaderoom comments under a post of ME f**k is u talm bout dizzy b**ch if u gone be messy at least KEEP UP.”

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Latto Says She’s Accused Of Copying Any And Everything

As HNHH previously reported, Latto and her friends posted a video rocking True Religion jeans and twerking in the mirror. Sexyy Red, a True Religion jean wearer, took notice and put an interesting post on her story that caused people to speculate. The story was a repost of a fan saying “”All these celebrities wasn’t wearing @truereligion until @sexyyred came out.” After TheShadeRoom posted Latto’s video to their IG, she took a stance. “They be knowing what they doing lol, very weird,” Latto wrote. “If [you] not from Atlanta this not for [you]!”

Some fans took her side, other took Sexyy Reds’. “That posts should’ve been left without a response,” one person wrote. “St. Louis was huge on true religion back then too. So now what? They are saying since she’s been wearing it recently people are wearing it.” “Posting pics from WAY back in middle school don’t count Latto lol but ok,” another said. “This so stupid and the gag is Latto & her crew were going to a throwback Atlanta themed bday party for 21 savage,” another user explained. “So she threw it back to when EVERYBODY wore true religion. Please believe me when I say NOBDODY is trying to emulate Sexyy Red.” Thoughts? Let us know on HNHH!

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Updated: October 25, 2023 — 3:02 am