Kash Doll Announces New Stage Name Amid Pregnancy & Comparisons

Kash Doll is undergoing some major changes these days, and has announced that a name change will be one of them. During a recent appearance on Way Up With Angela Yee, the performer revealed that she plans to rebrand. According to her, getting pregnant with her second child is what prompted her desire to change her stage moniker, as she’s now looking for something a bit more sophisticated. She also notes the various other “dolls” in the industry and the unavoidable comparisons that come along with her current name.

“I’m juggling between a few things,” she explained, revealing the title she was considering for her next album. “I was going to say The Last Doll, and it means so much, right? Like I think I’ma leave the ‘doll’ stuff alone. I think I’m going to give it to my child — hopefully it’s a girl. I’ma go ahead and pass that down.”

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Kash Doll Reveals She’ll Now Go By Keisha

When asked what she plans to go by in the future, she responded with her birth name. “Keisha,” she said. “I’m a grown woman with two kids — I don’t want to be called a doll no more. And then it’s so many dolls. Shout out to them, y’know what I’m saying, but it’s like every time my name is brought up, it’s like, ‘Who’s the best doll?’” Of course, most commenters are in full support of the switch and would root for the artist regardless of what she went by. Others are sad to see her step away from the title and note that they’ll continue to call her what they know her as.

What do you think of Kash Doll revealing that she’s changing her stage name? Do you prefer Keisha over Kash Doll or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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