Jessie Reyez And Big Sean Bring Quiet Menace On “Shut Up” Single

Jessie Reyez is an emotive singer. She puts her all into everything she sings, whether it be heartbreak on “Forever” or sex on “Jeans.” There’s a tension and electricity that she brings to the table as an artist, and it’s led to her landing massive collaborations with the likes of Miguel, 6LACK and most notably, Eminem. Jessie Reyez decided to change things up on her new single, though. Instead of leaning into her emotive vocals, the turns down the melodrama and dishes out a slick, minimal track that’s menacing as it is cool. It helps that Reyez brings another Detroit rapper, Big Sean, into the mix.

“Shut Up” may sound like the title to a loud, aggressive song, but it’s anything but. The instrumental is punctuated by hard bass hints and creeping strings that switch before the background and foreground. Jessie Reyez never reaches into her higher register. She adopts a whispery, menacing flow that’s closer to rapping than actual singing, and it works. It suits the callous lyrics like a glove. “Phone full of options, bank full of bills,” she raps. “Don’t do it ’cause I need to, I do it for the thrill.” The verses follow suit, with talk of ex-boyfriends and put downs aimed at unnamed enemies. “Know your ex watchin’, know they see me locked in,” she adds. “Came from a different angle (What?), I can’t be boxed in. B*tch, better read the room like you telepromptin’.”

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Jessie Reyez Changes Her Style Up And It Works

Big Sean brings the energy while still matching menacing vibe. He’s become one of the more reliable names in hip-hop when it comes to pop-rap guest features, and he delivers yet again. The Detroit MC drops some clever bars about Batman and Robin, exes who tried to kiss and make up, and the general bragging one would expect from the guy who made Finally Famous. “Old school, pair of gold chain, goin’ Rakim,” he raps. “Batman, black man, billionaire but ain’t nobody robbin’. I tell a bad b*tch to her face that she grounded.” “Shut Up” isn’t going to be a smash hit or anything, but it’s a catchy song worth checking out.

What are your thoughts on “Shut Up” by Jessie Reyez and Big Sean? Do you like Reyez’s break from her usual sound? Do you want to hear more of it on her next album? Does Sean’s verse deliver? We would like to hear what you have to say, so be sure to leave your takes in the comments section. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the latest news surrounding Jessie Reyez. Finally, stay with us for everything else going on in the music world.

Quotable Lyrics:

And tell her she on punishment ’til further announcement
She know that I’m daddy, I never been stingy with allowance
Baby girl, good ain’t good enough, be astoundin’
Half the time she need a man, other half counsellin’
Baby, when you hit the top, gotta stay grounded

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