Glorilla’s Mushot Has Released Following Her DUI Arrest

Glorilla’s recent arrest on suspicion of DUI in Georgia has sent social media in shambles through the hip-hop community. Moreover, the release of her mugshot has sparked a flurry of discussion. The rapper was reportedly taken into custody around 6:12 AM ET and subsequently released on bond. This latest incident adds to a history of legal troubles for Glorilla, raising questions about her past run-ins with the law. In a candid moment during an appearance on Cornbread TV, Glorilla admitted to serving jail time for an unspecified crime, though she declined to provide further details. Among the rumors swirling around her legal history was the claim that she spent three years in prison for stealing boxes of cereal from KMart. Glorilla denied this rumor, taking to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to mock fans who believed it.

“You hos really sat y’all as* up there & believed I went to jail for 3 years for stealing cereal,” she tweeted in 2023. “Dats why you hos hearts be in y’all a*s today because y’all believe whatever a n**** tell you,” she continued. “Dats da reason you N**** be taking care of kids dats not y’all’s till they 12 because you believe whatever a ho tell you!” Now, with the release of her mugshot, Glorilla finds herself once again at the center of public scrutiny. However, this time, fans are calling her out for making fun of JT just a week ago about her mugshots. “God don’t play at all!” one person wrote. “She was joking about JT inmate number & now she got a booking number. That power of the tongue.”

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Glorilla’s Mugshot

The image, showing her looking composed but solemn, has sparked criticism. Fans and critics alike are weighing in on the implications of her latest legal entanglement, with opinions divided on what it means for her future in the industry. “I mean she cute but all jokes aside a DUI is serious,” someone else wrote. “She could’ve died or unalived someone else.” “This not cool and shouldn’t be glorified and the fact that she don’t regret it should make us all look at her funny! How many people die from DUIs every year?” another person asked.

As some may recall, JT and Glo have been beefing. JT even posted a series of her mugshots, insinuating that she’d be willing to go back to jail over the feud. As the hip-hop community awaits further developments, one thing remains certain. Glorilla’s legal woes are far from over, and the world is watching to see how she handles the spotlight. What are your thoughts? Let us know on HNHH!

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Updated: April 18, 2024 — 3:02 am