Five Black-Led Developments Transforming the Tech Industry in 2024

There’s no shortage of innovation by Black leaders in the evolving tech industry. Every day, Black programmers, coders and engineers are making strides in technology to benefit their communities and revolutionize the digital landscape forever. Here are five exciting things that are making a big impact on the tech world right now. 

Google for Startups announces its fifth Black Founders Fund 

As artificial intelligence takes over the tech industry, Google for Startups has made sure that 20 Black and Latino-led technology companies remain powerful players in the industry. The companies have been awarded $150,000 each for their innovations in AI and granted access to Google mentorship and services as they use the new technology for good. Companies such as Edvisorly have dedicated their research toward initiatives like helping community college students have a smooth transfer to four-year universities and achieve higher degrees to benefit underserved communities

TestParty raises $4 million for more inclusive online spaces

The digital space moves fast, but TestParty founders Michael Bervell and Jason Tan are on a mission to make sure that no users get left behind. The AI-powered software company raised $4 million from investors, including Harlem Capital and the Urban Innovation Fund, to continue making websites fully accessible to users with disabilities or impairments. The company managed to raise the amount in less than 80 days, a feat that Bervell credits to the company’s persistence. 

The Kickback partners with Xfinity to bring HBCU students opportunities in Esports

Esports have taken a hold on gamers all across the world, and Xfinity has partnered with award-winning media platform Kickback to bring its excitement to HBCU students. The partnership has allowed the 2024 Kickback Tour to deliver educational panels and gaming events to students right to their campus, giving them the opportunity to explore the career paths they can create in streaming and esports tournaments. Black gamers of all ages will have the chance to experience the tour when it stops by the Dream Con event in Texas, the largest Black-owned anime and gaming convention in the US. 

Backpack Healthcare raises $14 million for online mental health services

A potential youth mental health crisis has loomed over American headlines recently, and healthcare services like Backpack have stepped in to help those struggling to reach it. Founder and CEO Hafeezah Muhammad received $14 million in funding to help the company expand its AI-powered online therapy operations across the country for the nearly 40 million children who depend on Medicaid and CHIP for essential health services. The revolutionary healthcare app includes services like teletherapy and parent training sessions on how to best support their children at home.

Health in Her Hue launches new reproductive health platform

While medical bias continues to be an obstacle for many Black patients across the US, Black doctors have stepped up to champion equal medical care. Health in Her Hue, the revolutionary online medical service that connects Black women to knowledgeable and qualified healthcare professionals, launched its new Carepoint platform in 2024 for this very mission. The service is designed to help women of color easily access answers about their reproductive concerns from real gynecologists who can point patients in the right direction and empower them through knowledge. 

Updated: July 2, 2024 — 1:10 pm