Drake Gets Roasted For Deleting All His Kendrick Lamar Disses On IG

Drake wasn’t kidding when he said “summer vibes.” The rapper has made a complete 180 since he ended his rap battle with Kendrick Lamar. He stopped taunting his opponent on social media, and he stopped dropping diss tracks. To make matters even worse, he took down his last diss, “The Heart Part 6,” on Instagram. Some fans theorized that the rapper did so because he wasn’t proud of that song in particular. This theory went out the window on June 5, however, when Drake decided to take ALL of his Lamar disses off Instagram.

Drake deleted the IG links for “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle.” He also took down the audio link and music video link for “Family Matters.” The last of the bunch, the aforementioned “The Heart Part 6,” was taken down the day prior. It’s a shocking turn of events, given how aggressive Drake was in wanting to battle Lamar early on. Drake evidently wants to start a new chapter. He posted pics of himself from a photoshoot involving a Rolex watch. Tellingly, though, the rapper makes reference to one of Lamar’s big accusations in the caption. He ignored the notion that his OVO crew is compromised, and wrote: “The only yes man around me is my Rolex dealer.”

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Drake’s Diss Songs Are Still On Streaming Platforms

Fans absolutely tore into Drake upon realizing that he took the K. Dot disses down. They brought up the fact that he previously criticized rappers for being “tweeters and deleters” when it came to taking shots. “Didn’t he say ‘tweeters and deleters’ lmao even he knew he lost,” wrote one user. Another claimed that we were finally witnessing what Kanye West wanted to see all along. “We are witnessing the elimination of Drake in real time,” they tweeted. There were tons of responses that conveyed the sentiment that the 6 God wanted to move on from the Lamar battle because he lost so handily. “He wants y’all to forget about that a*s whoopin lol,” an amused follower wrote.

There were those who defended Drake. Some fans noted that he’s likely getting ready to launch a new album cycle, and wanted to clean up his profile. It’s something many artists do as a means of denoting a new era. “Every artist cleans their socials before a big drop,” one person tweeted. “All the songs are still on streaming platforms, that’s all that matters.”

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Fans Clowned Drake For “His “Tweeting And Deleting”

Regardless of whether the disses are on streaming, the decision to remove them from IG was seen by most as Drake waving the white flag once again. Keep scrolling to read more social media reactions to Drake’s latest decision. Do you think it was a bad idea? Is Drake gearing up to drop something new? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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